ESPTULA (2018) Live

US-Marke Nr. 88069331 ESPTULA (Wortmarke) - Markenregister: USPTO uspto
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Die US-Marke ESPTULA wurde als Wortmarke am 08.08.2018 beim Amerikanischen Patent- und Markenamt (USPTO) angemeldet. Der aktuelle Status der Marke ist "Live".

Markeninformationen Aktualisiert: 13.08.2018

Marke ESPTULA (Wortmarke)
Aktenzeichen 88069331
Anmeldung 08.08.2018

Waren- und Dienstleistungen

Boxes for sweetmeats; Ice buckets; Ice cube molds; Ice cube molds for refrigerators; Ice cube moulds; Ice cube trays; Ice pails; Ice scoops; Ice tongs; Trays for household purposes; Cake molds; Cake moulds; Candy boxes, not of precious metal; Chocolate molds; Compostable and biodegradable plates, bowls, cups and trays; Confectioners' molds; Containers for ice; Cookery molds; Cookery moulds; Cookie molds; Cup cake molds; Cupcake molds; Fitted liners for ice buckets; Lunch boxes; Lunch-boxes; Meal trays; Non-electric ice cream makers; Non-electric yogurt makers; Pill boxes for personal use; Portable ice chests for food and beverages; Portable beverage container holder; Pudding molds; Recipe boxes; Reusable ice cubes; Reuseable ice cubes; Rice molds; Serving trays; Stemware holders
21 Housewares and Glass


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