Trademark registration information

Filing number014275721
Date of receipt19.6.2015
Filing date19.6.2015
TypeNot set
Nice classes9, 35, 36, 38, 41, 42
Vienna classesNone
Registration date29.10.2015
Expiry date19.6.2025
Begin opposition22.7.2015
End opposition22.10.2015
Current statusRegistered
Current status date2.11.2015
Filing languageFrench
2nd languageEnglish
Renewal statusNot set
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

9Apparatus for transmission, reception, recording and reproduction of sound, data and images; Radiotelephones; Pocket terminals (smartphones); Digital cameras; Cam cameras; Multimedia tablets including those with touchscreens; MP3/MP4 players and players for other digital audio formats; Applications (computer software) for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones); Audio headsets for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones); Cases, Covers and cases for portable telephones, Multimedia pads, Pocket terminals (smartphones); Cases for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones), of leather and imitations of leather; Covers for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones), of textile; Protective films for the screens of mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones); Styluses for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones); Holders (with adapters for motor vehicles) for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones); Hands-free kits for mobile telephones, multimedia tablets and pocket terminals (smartphones); Batteries and cells; Rechargeable cells; Rechargeable batteries; Apparatus for charging of batteries and accumulators; Battery chargers for use in cars; Chargers for electric batteries; wired; Data communications cables; Apparatus for connecting and charging pocket electronic digital mobile devices; Parts for all the aforesaid goods.
35Arranging subscriptions to a support service for the operation of radiotelephone and telephone goods and services; Telephone subscriptions; Subscriptions to a telecommunications service; Arranging subscriptions to telecommunications services for others; Subscriptions to a centre providing access to a computer network or data transmission service, in particular to a world-wide communications network (such as the Internet) or private or restricted access networks (such as an Intranet); Telephone answering (for unavailable subscribers); Presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; Business brokerage (concierge services); Telephone subscription services; Arranging of telephone subscriptions for providing access to other networks online, web networks and extranet or intranet networks; Arranging of subscriptions to telecommunications networks; Arranging of subscriptions to radio or television broadcasting services; Downloading of data, text, messages, computer files, computer software or information, in particular for mobile telephones; Remote management of computer data.
36Insurance; Banking; Online banking; Real estate affairs; Credit companies; Banking services; Broker services; Financial services via the internet; Providing of financial information; Providing of electronic payment services, namely electronic funds transfer and online transactions; Automated payment accounts; Debt collection; Electronic commerce payment services, namely, establishing funded accounts used to purchase goods and services on the Internet, electronic credit card transactions; Insurance and financial affairs, including services provided via the internet and other electronic networks; Financial planning; Financial management; Share-based savings plans; Fund investments; Investment trusts and Money transfers; Fund management; Providing of investment and fund management information; Providing of information and brokerage relating to shares, stocks and bonds and services relating to real estate assets; Banking, namely home banking and internet banking; Services and Savings products; Credit card and debit card services; Credit and debit services; Insurance; Insurance consultancy; Insurance indemnity; Providing of life insurance; Pension services; Planning of provident funds and investments; Mutual Fund; Financial incentive mechanisms; Lending and loans services; Safety deposit services; Investment trusts; Information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services; Information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services provided online from a computer database or from the internet; Information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services provided via a telecommunications network; Issuing of travellers' cheques or credit cards; providing payment card services; Electronic purse services; Transmission of bills and corresponding payments; Authentication and settlement of transactions; Securing of banking operations; Services relating to secure remote payment; Charitable fund raising; Organization of the collection of funds; Financial sponsorship; Information and consultancy relating to insurance, financial affairs, monetary affairs, and home and internet banking; Providing of evaluation services; Stocks and shares information services; Securities brokerage; Organisation of fund-raising activities.
38Telecommunication services; Mobile telephone and telephone communication services; Communication by computer terminals; Communications and telecommunications by electronic means, computer and telephone; Wireless communications services; Digital network telecommunication services; High-speed broadband telecommunications; Transmission, communication and telecommunication of messages, information and all other data; Mail and messaging via electronic, telephone and computerised means; Telecommunications for providing remote access to the full range of services provided by banks and finance and insurance companies services; Providing of online access to a financial database; Rental of access time to a database server centre (information technology); Leasing access time to a computer for data handling; Dissemination of data, music, audio, video, images, text, messages, signals, information or codes by means of computer terminals and other transmission systems of all kinds including waves, cables, satellites, and internet, intranet or extranet networks; Connection and providing of access to telecommunications and telephony networks and electronic networks; Connection to telecommunications networks; News and information agencies; Radio broadcasting; Television broadcasting; Satellite television broadcasting; Reception of calls and electronic messages from customers, and transmission of calls to customers as part of the organisation (management and operation) of a remote support platform; Information services relating to telecommunications; Radiotelephony and telephony.
41Recording (filming) and production of films on video tapes; Rental and editing of videotapes; Film production, other than advertising films; Production and publication of educational tutorials and educational videos for using a smartphone; Production and publication of texts (other than publicity texts) and educational texts for using a smartphone; Coaching [training]; Organisation and conducting of training workshops, colloquiums, competitions (education or entertainment), conferences, congresses, seminars and symposiums; Entertainment; Entertainment information; Exploitation of online non-downloadable electronic publications; Training (Practical -) [demonstration]; Providing of training, coaching and education on the use of a smartphone; Education information; Tuition; Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; Providing of training, Coaching, Distance learning; Downloading of music, audio, ringtones, videos, images, screensavers, video games and signals, in particular for mobile telephones.
42Computer programming; Computer software design; Maintenance of software; Updating of computer programs; Consultancy in the field of computer hardware; Connection to remote servers; Hosting, developing, designing of servers and networks to ensure the processing and management of information systems for a client; Design of computer systems and of telecommunications systems; Computer services for accessing remote telecommunications services.

Trademark owner

Iris Venture Holding BV
OrganisationIris Venture Holding BV
NameIris Venture Holding BV
Legal statusLegal entity
AddressOrlyplein 10, 24ème étage


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
Address12 Avenue Bollée




2.11.2015CTM.B.1 - Registrations with no amendments since the application was published
22.7.2015CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


10.7.2015Proprietor - Change of name and address


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02/11/2015OUTGOINGCertificate of Registration
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