Trademark registration information

Filing number007498901
Date of receipt17.12.2008
Filing date17.12.2008
TypeNot set
Nice classes18, 24, 25
Vienna classes15.01.13
Registration date15.9.2009
Expiry date17.12.2018
Begin opposition18.5.2009
End opposition18.8.2009
Current statusRegistered
Current status date22.9.2009
Filing languageEnglish
2nd languageGerman
Renewal statusNot set
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

18Garment bags; pouches.
24Textiles and textile goods and textile products, not included in other classes; textile piece goods and fabrics, not included in other classes; textiles for tops, not included in other classes; weaving textiles, as well as rubberized and watertight textiles; woven and knitted textiles; woven goods, not included in other classes; fleece fabrics; textiles and fabrics; bed, bath and household textiles; woven and knitted textiles, fleece fabrics, household textiles, not included in other classes, in particular of cellulose, in particular of reclaimed cellulose and/or non-derivatised man-made cellulose; bed and table covers; towels of textiles; textiles for upholstery; upholstery fabrics; other textiles for golf; tablecloths; napkins made of textiles; embroidery fabric and textile articles for sale as part of embroidery kits; curtains of textiles or plastic and blinds made of textiles; textile materials for use in manufacture of awnings; non-woven fabrics (textiles).
25Clothing; jumpers (and shirt fronts); evening dresses; children's wear; liveries; jackets; jogging pants; sweat pants; suits; skirts; skirts for women; ski jackets; ski pants; trousers; smocks; dresses; full dresses; coats; overcoats; topcoats (garments); mantles; raincoats; breeches (for wear); chasubles; frocks; leggings; overalls; parkas; pelisses; saris; stuff jacket (clothing); togas (clothing); beach clothes; detachable collars; outer-clothing; layettes (clothing); paper clothing; ready-made linings (parts of clothing); ready-made clothing; waterproof clothing and water-resistant clothing; clothing of imitations of leather; clothing of leather; leatherwear; furs (clothing); gabardines (clothing); jerseys (clothing); knitwear (clothing); pockets for clothing; clothing for gymnastics; sports jerseys; uniforms; sweaters; vests; shirts; T-shirts; cuffs; sport shirts; blouses; polo-shirts; negligees; pyjamas; bath robes; underwear; sports underwear; camisoles; corsets (underclothing); combinations (clothing); corselets; chemises; drawers (clothing); slips (undergarments); brassieres; petticoats; swimsuits; bathing caps; Japanese clothing (kimono), sashes for "kimono", half coats (Japanese clothing), pleated long skirts (Japanese clothing), wooden clogs (Japanese footwear); chemisettes (shirt fronts); dressing gowns; girdles; pullovers; singlets; hosiery; tights; aprons (clothing); collar protectors; socks; gaiters; fur stoles; shawls; scarfs; gloves (clothing); babies' diapers of textile; neckerchiefs; bandanas (kerchiefs for clothing purposes); berets; maniples; mittens; muffs (clothing); shoulder wraps; sashes for wear; foot-muffs; spats; stockings; night caps; pelerines; hoods (clothing); top hats, hats and other headwear; veils (clothing); visors (hat-making, headgear, headwear); garters; sock suspenders; suspenders; trouser straps; belts (clothing); stocking suspenders; footwear; rain-shoes; lace boots; sports shoes; overshoes; wooden shoes; half-boots; heels; inner soles; welts for boots and shoes; footwear uppers; tips for footwear; beach shoes; boots; galoshes; sandals; soles for footwear; shoes; fittings of metal for shoes; non-slipping devices for boots and shoes; low wooden clogs, sandal clogs, low wooden clogs for use in dry weather; clog thongs; Japanese sandals; leather sandals; slippers; bath sandals; bath slippers; masquerade costumes; anoraks; shoes; climbing boots; football shoes; athletic shoes; clothing and underwear for pregnant women; cyclists clothing; gymnastic shoes; motorists' clothing; wet suits for water skiing; boots for sports; baby wear; bathing drawers; bathrobes; swimwear caps; motorists clothing; iron fittings for boots; bodysuits (teddies, bodies); ankle boots (half-boots); scarves; shirt fronts; pants; designer clothing; headgear; ties; bibs (not of paper); bodices; robes; outer clothing; earmuffs (garments); coveralls; cyclist's clothing; sashes; wimples; panties; ski shoes; briefs; fabric shoes (espadrillos); knickers; linen wetsuits for water-skiing; waistcoats; bathing suits; swimming trunks; pool shoes; bodies; bras; money belts braces; skull caps (headgear); ascots; esparto shoes; beachwear; underpants; blousons; caftans; caps; cassocks; leather coats; rain coats; sport coats; suit coats; collars; cravats; culottes; infant cloth diapers; dungarees; gown; evening gowns; nightgowns; wedding gowns; greatcoats; halloween costumes; housecoats; infantwear; bed jackets; leather jackets; wind resistant jackets; balloon pants; snow pants; tap pants; pantsuits; peignoirs; rainwear; golf shirts; knit shirts; night shirts; polo shirts; sweat shirts; shorts; bermuda shorts; boxer shorts; gym shorts; sweat shorts; ski wear; sleepwear; flight suits; jogging suits; play suits; ski suits; snow suits; sweat suits; vested suits; wet suits; tops tunics; fishing vests; foul weather gear; wraps babies' napkins of textile; swimming caps; fancy-dress costumes; clothing for martial arts and sashes; bodies (undergarments); bomber jackets; short coats; undershirts; sweat suits; underpants and briefs; neck ties; headscarves; neckerchiefs; undergarments and underclothing; lingerie; articles of clothing; knitted clothing; braces; sports footwear; ankle boots; pointed shoes; clogs; windcheaters; tracksuits; foulards; pumps; clothing for sports; clothing for cyclists; outer clothing; rain protection wear; rain suits; clothing for cycling; tights clothing; headwear; swimwear; head bands pants; sun hats; sporting footwear; pareos; sweatshirts; articles of sports clothing, clothing (including woven and knitted clothing), in particular sportswear and leisurewear; denim clothing, in particular men's shirts; sports shirts; leisure shirts; necktie shirts; cellular shirts; dinner shirts; morning suit shirts; overshirts; sweater shirts; jacket shirts; ladies' shirts; reversible jackets; shirt jackets; shirt blousons; duffel coats; slipovers; sports trousers; jeans; denim trousers; denim overalls; denim skirts; denim dresses; denim shirts; denim blouses; denim jackets; denim blousons; dress handkerchiefs; underclothing; nightwear; gymnastic suits; training suits; training trousers; jogging trousers; jogging jackets; jogging pullovers; jogging blousons; tennis clothing; bathing trunks; bikinis; swimming shorts; beach shorts; beach dresses and beach robes; clothing for surfing, waterskiing and sailing, namely pullovers, all the aforesaid goods for men, women and/or children; heelpieces for stockings; items of clothing except items of clothing for protection from fire; articles of outer clothing; track suits; rugby tops; rugby shorts; work clothes; leisurewear; outer garments; windproof clothing; sweatpants; wind-cheater; rugby shirts; fleece tops; cardigans; mini-skirts; leotards; sports clothing; motor racing clothing; children's clothing; rugby jerseys; polo knitted tops; track pants; fleece tops night dresses; head bands; trainers; clothing for sports; body warmers; spa clothing; leisurewear and clothing for water activities, including flip-flops; kerchiefs for clothing purposes, namely sports clothing and casual clothing; wetsuits and fleecewear, namely clothing; jerkins; sportswear; sarongs; snowboarding suits; shorts for surfing and windsurfing, namely bathing trunks; knee-high stockings; bibs; cycle shorts; polo-neck jerseys; down jackets; headgear for wear; knit hats; rain coveralls; halter tops; tank tops; leg warmers and parts of footwear; sole plates; heel guards; cyclists' clothing; wet suits for water-skiing; aerobics suits; dress suits; sports wears; evening suits; cardigan jackets; children clothes; infant's clothes; T-shirt; swim suits; one-piece dress; scarf; leather shoes; slipper; working clothing; uniforms for exercises; gowns for operating rooms; gowns for nurses; bath robs; pant stockings; body shirts; negligee; water proof coats; water proof pants; water proof jackets; low shoes; clothing especially sports clothing; articles of sports clothing and outer clothing; gymnastic and sports clothing, especially sports and leisure clothing; work clothing; articles for outer clothing, under clothing, inner clothing.

Trademark owner

Setcore Spinning S.A.E.
OrganisationSetcore Spinning S.A.E.
NameSetcore Spinning S.A.E.
Legal statusLegal entity
AddressNew Borg el Arab City, Block 1, Extension of sectino four of the Industrial Zone
PostcodeNot set


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
AddressSchottenring 14


30.1.2009Classification pending
5.1.2009Filing date accorded
5.1.2009Application filed
24.12.2008Application filed


21.11.2012CTM.C.2.1 - Representative - Change of name and professional address
21.9.2009CTM.B.1 - Registrations with no amendments since the application was published
18.5.2009CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


21.11.2012Representative - Change of name and professional address


20/11/2012OUTGOINGT724M - Registration of recordal C.2.1 / B.9.1
16/11/2012INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
21/10/2009OUTGOINGCover letter for registration certificate.
21/10/2009OUTGOINGCertificate of Registration
29/06/2009OUTGOINGSearch report transmitted (Article 38(1) and (6))
18/05/2009OUTGOINGNotification of acceptance for publication
31/03/2009OUTGOINGExamination of application finished
31/03/2009OUTGOINGGeneral correspondence
06/03/2009OUTGOINGNotice of absence of formal requirement (Rule 9(3))
30/01/2009OUTGOINGNotice of requirement to amend classification (Article 28, Rule 9)
05/01/2009OUTGOINGProvisional filing date receipt
25/03/2009INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
11/03/2009INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
17/12/2008INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO

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