Trademark registration information

Filing number007033781
Date of receipt3.7.2008
Filing date3.7.2008
TypeNot set
Nice classes9, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 25, 28, 30, 32, 41
Vienna classesNone
Registration date28.9.2011
Expiry date3.7.2018
Begin opposition13.10.2008
End opposition13.1.2009
Current statusRegistered
Current status date3.10.2011
Filing languageEnglish
2nd languageFrench
Renewal statusNot set
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

9Prerecorded audio and video tapes, compact discs, and dvds featuring children's stories, prerecorded audio and video tapes, compact discs, and dvds featuring motion picture excerpts, prerecorded audio and video tapes, compact discs, and dvds featuring motion picture soundtracks; and prerecorded audio and video tapes, compact discs, and dvds featuring television programs in the field of children's entertainment; interactive multimedia computer games for use with televisions, interactive multimedia computer games for use with external monitors; software for education and amusement of children; interactive multimedia computer game software for education and amusement of children; electronic game programs; electronic interactive board games for use with external monitor; video game machines for use with televisions; video game cartridges; and video game discs in class 9.
14Watches, clocks and jewelry in class 14.
16Story books, children's books, comic books, coloring books, trading cards and player guide books, posters, calendars, stickers, printed paper invitations, removable decal tattoos, photograph and scrapbook albums, and writing instruments, namely, pens, pencils, and markers in class 16.
18Back packs, umbrellas, luggage, wallets, and purses in class 18.
21Lunch boxes, tooth brushes, drinking glasses, and dishes in class 21.
24Towels, bed linens, table linens, textile place mats, and curtains in class 24.
25Wearing apparel, namely, t-shirts, pants, shorts, shirts, ties, underwear, jackets, dresses, sweat shirts, sweat pants, mittens, gloves, skirts, sleepwear, sweaters, belts, suspenders, footwear and headwear in class 25.
28Card games and printed instructions sold therewith; toys, namely, action figures, electronic learning games, board and role-playing games, stand alone video game machines; hand held unit for playing video games in class 28.
30Ice cream, cookies, ready-to-eat breakfast cereal, and processed cereal, cakes, edible fruit flavored ices, cereal-based snack food and chewing gum in class 30.
32Carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated soft drinks, and fruit juices in class 32.
41Entertainment services, namely, conducting entertainment exhibitions in the nature of card games; conducting card game competitions; production of television programs; production of motion picture films; production of audio recordings; production of video recordings; production of dvd recordings; and providing on-line interactive computer games in class 41.

Trademark owner

TC Digital Games LLC
OrganisationTC Digital Games LLC
NameTC Digital Games LLC
Legal statusLegal entity
NationalityUnited States
Address108 West 13th Street
CountryUnited States


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
Address5th Floor Blackfriars House The Parsonage
PostcodeM3 2JA
CountryUnited Kingdom


Date Country Filing number Status
24.6.2008United States77507063Accepted


Date Ground Status Opponent Opponent's representative
2.1.2009 Identity of marks and G&S Likelihood of confusion Earlier sign & right to prohibit use of later TM under national lawWithdrawnMARILAN ALIMENTOS S/AJACOBACCI & PARTNERS, S.L.U.


8.1.2009Application opposed
13.10.2008Application published
1.10.2008Application accepted
1.10.2008Application accepted
22.9.2008Application accepted
10.7.2008Application accepted
10.7.2008Absolute grounds checked
10.7.2008Formalities accepted
10.7.2008Formalities pending
10.7.2008Classification checked
8.7.2008Filing date accorded
8.7.2008Application filed
8.7.2008Application filed


3.10.2011CTM.B.1 - Registrations with no amendments since the application was published
13.10.2008CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


28/09/2011OUTGOINGNotification to applicant/holder conclusion of opposition proceedings following withdrawal of the opposition (no limitation).
28/09/2011OUTGOINGNotification to opponent following withdrawal of opposition after commencement of adversarial part (no limitation).
26/07/2011OUTGOINGEmpty letter
26/07/2011OUTGOINGEmpty letter
11/05/2011OUTGOINGNotification to the applicant of the time limit extension accorded to the opponent
11/05/2011OUTGOINGExtension of time limit - to the opponent
08/01/2009OUTGOINGCommunication informing the applicant that an opposition has been filed against a European Union trade mark application
13/05/2009OUTGOINGExtension of the cooling-off period (to the applicant)
13/05/2009OUTGOINGExtension of the cooling-off period (to the opponent)
27/02/2009OUTGOINGCommunication of the date of commencement of proceedings to the opposing party
27/02/2009OUTGOINGNotification of opposition to the applicant
08/01/2009OUTGOINGReceipt of opposition notices
20/09/2011INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
28/04/2011INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO

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