Trademark registration information

Filing number004277604
Date of receipt7.2.2005
Filing date7.2.2005
TypeNot set
Nice classes9, 16, 35, 36, 38, 41, 42
Vienna classes26.13.01, 26.15.09
Registration date10.7.2006
Expiry date7.2.2025
Begin opposition26.12.2005
End opposition27.3.2006
Current statusRegistered
Current status date19.5.2008
Filing languageEnglish
2nd languageFrench
Renewal status1.1.1970
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

9Camcorders, digital cameras, video cameras, digital video recorders, digital auto tape recorders, compact disk players, MP3 players, personal digital assistants and television sets; computer stylus and laser pointers; computers, computer peripherals and instruction manuals supplied therewith; computer software and instruction manuals supplied therewith; telephones and mobile telephones; pre-recorded compact discs featuring educational training in the field of computers and computer software.
16Publications, namely magazines, catalogs, and customer newsletter-type publications in the fields of computer hardware and software, computing and information services; pens and pencils; publications, namely educational training books and manuals in the field of computers and computer software.
35Retail services by direct solicitation by sales to individuals, corporate and governmental entities in the field of computer peripherals and computer accessories; retail services relating to computers, computer software, computer peripherals, and demonstration of products relating thereto; training in the use and operation of computer hardware and computer software; business management and consulting services in the field of connecting businesses to a global computer network; consultancy relating to the re-sale of computers and computer peripherals; marketing assistance for resellers of computers and computer peripherals.
36Credit card services for purchasing computers, computer peripherals or computer software; financial services, namely, financing for purchase of computers, computer peripherals, or computer software.
38Providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network for the transfer and dissemination of a wide range of information; providing multiple-user access to global computer information network.
41Training in the use and operation of computer hardware and computer software; entertainment services namely, conducting golf tournaments.
42Computer consultation; technical support services, namely troubleshooting of computer hardware and software problems via telephone, e-mail, and in person; assistance, and technical support for resellers of computers and computer peripherals.

Trademark owner

Acer Incorporated
OrganisationAcer Incorporated
NameAcer Incorporated
Legal statusLegal entity
Address7F-5, No. 369, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist.
CityTaipei City


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
AddressBleichstr. 14


19.5.2008Application registered
17.7.2006Application registered
12.7.2006Registration fee paid
12.7.2006Registration fee paid
10.7.2006Registration fee paid
10.7.2006Registration fee paid
10.7.2006Registration fee paid
27.6.2006Registration pending
28.4.2006Registration pending
26.4.2006Registration pending
25.4.2006Registration pending
20.12.2005Application published
15.12.2005Application accepted
12.12.2005Application accepted
3.12.2005Application accepted
2.8.2005Application accepted
2.8.2005Absolute grounds checked
2.8.2005Formalities accepted
12.7.2005Formalities pending
11.7.2005Classification checked
11.7.2005Formalities pending
21.4.2005Classification pending
7.3.2005Filing date accorded
16.2.2005Application filed
16.2.2005Application filed


4.2.2015CTM.D.1 - Renewals
17.3.2014CTM.C.2.1 - Representative - Change of name and professional address
7.10.2011CTM.C.1.3 - Proprietor - Change of name and address
3.5.2010CTM.C.1.1 - Proprietor - Total transfers
30.3.2010CTM.C.2.2 - Representative - Replacement of a representative
3.9.2007CTM.C.2.1 - Representative - Change of name and professional address
17.7.2006CTM.B.1 - Registrations with no amendments since the application was published
26.12.2005CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


17.3.2014Representative - Change of name and professional address
7.10.2011Proprietor - Change of name and address
4.5.2010Proprietor - Total transfers
30.3.2010Representative - Appointment / Replacement of representative
3.9.2007Representative - Change of name and professional address
4.2.2015Renewal - Total Renewal
1.2.2015 : Renewed
1.2.2015 : Renewal notification sent
30.1.2015 : Renewal fee paid
13.7.2014 : Need to renew communicated


13/03/2014OUTGOINGT724M - Registration of recordal C.2.1 / B.9.1
11/03/2014INCOMINGApplication form and attachment
05/10/2011OUTGOINGT722M - Registration of recordal C.1.3 / B.2.2
21/09/2011INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
28/04/2010OUTGOINGTransfers - entry on the register.
15/04/2010OUTGOINGTransfers - deficiency/rejection.
08/04/2010INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
22/04/2010INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
25/03/2010OUTGOINGT725M - Registration of recordal C.2.2 / B.9.2
23/03/2010INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
04/05/2007OUTGOINGT724M - Registration of recordal C.2.1 / B.9.1
01/05/2007INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
02/02/2015OUTGOINGL607 \: Notification of the total renewal of the EUTM
14/07/2014OUTGOINGL601A \: Notification of the need to renew an EUTM registration
30/01/2015INCOMINGApplication form and attachment

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