Trademark registration information

NameInterCake, Inter-Cake, Intercake
Filing number004256401
Date of receipt25.2.2005
Filing date4.4.2005
TypeNot set
Nice classes9, 28, 35, 39
Vienna classesNone
Registration date29.2.2008
Expiry date4.4.2025
Begin opposition2.1.2006
End opposition3.4.2006
Current statusRegistered
Current status date25.12.2008
ReferenceNot set
Filing languageEnglish
2nd languageFrench
Renewal status1.1.1970
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

9Computer-based terminals and consoles, point-of-sale systems, automatic vending machines, data storage media.
28Decorations for Christmas trees, decorations for cake products (toys); toys, games and playthings.
35Computerized online ordering featuring confectionery products including cakes.
39Transport of confectionery items, transport of cakes; packaging and storage of confectionery items and cake products, delivery services for confectionery products including cakes; storage of information.

Trademark owner

PCH Technologies Ltd.
OrganisationPCH Technologies Ltd.
NamePCH Technologies Ltd.
Legal statusLegal entity
AddressCarrigallen, New Road
PostcodeNot set


Date Ground Status Opponent Opponent's representative
3.4.2006 Likelihood of confusionClosedKORT RECHTSANWÄLTE


25.12.2008Application registered
10.3.2008Application registered
3.3.2008Registration fee paid
3.3.2008Registration fee paid
29.2.2008Registration fee paid
29.2.2008Registration fee paid
29.2.2008Registration fee paid
22.1.2008Registration pending
21.1.2008Registration pending
31.12.2007Registration pending
31.10.2007Registration pending
30.10.2007Registration pending
30.10.2007Registration pending
30.10.2007Application published
30.10.2007Opposition procedures closed
6.4.2006Application opposed
22.12.2005Application published
19.12.2005Application accepted
13.12.2005Application accepted
3.12.2005Application accepted
10.8.2005Application accepted
10.8.2005Absolute grounds checked
10.8.2005Formalities accepted
2.8.2005Formalities pending
2.8.2005Formalities pending
2.8.2005Classification checked
6.5.2005Classification pending
19.4.2005Filing date accorded
6.4.2005Application filed
1.3.2005Application filed
1.3.2005Application filed


4.2.2015CTM.D.1 - Renewals
10.3.2008CTM.B.2 - Registrations with amendments since the application was published
2.1.2006CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


9.11.2006Proprietor - Change of name and address
4.2.2015Renewal - Total Renewal
1.2.2015 : Renewed
1.2.2015 : Renewal notification sent
29.1.2015 : Renewal fee paid
28.1.2015 : Renewal request received
7.9.2014 : Need to renew communicated


09/11/2006OUTGOINGT722A \: Notification that a change of the name/address of the applicant has been entered into the application(s) for EUTM pursuant to Rules 26 of the Implementing Regulation.
08/11/2006INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
02/02/2015OUTGOINGL607 \: Notification of the total renewal of the EUTM
08/09/2014OUTGOINGL601A \: Notification of the need to renew an EUTM registration
28/01/2015INCOMINGApplication form and attachment
27/11/2006OUTGOINGCommunication to the applicant of the absence of observations
11/04/2006OUTGOINGCommunication informing the applicant that an opposition has been filed against a European Union trade mark application
09/07/2007OUTGOINGNotification to the applicant of a decision
09/07/2007OUTGOINGNotification of a decision to the opposing party
09/07/2007OUTGOINGDecision No... Ruling on opposition No
27/11/2006OUTGOINGCommunication to the opposing party of the absence of the applicant’s observations
04/05/2006OUTGOINGCommunication of the date of commencement of proceedings to the opposing party
04/05/2006OUTGOINGNotification of opposition to the applicant
11/04/2006OUTGOINGReceipt of opposition notices

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