Trademark registration information

Filing number000960252
Date of receipt25.9.1998
Filing date25.9.1998
TypeNot set
Nice classes6, 9, 17
Vienna classesNone
Registration date15.3.2000
Expiry date25.9.2018
Begin opposition30.8.1999
End opposition30.11.1999
Current statusRegistered
Current status date27.4.2000
Filing languageDutch
2nd languageEnglish
Renewal status1.1.1970
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

6Common metals and their alloys; metal buiding materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores; including aluminium wire; copper, aluminium and other metal tubing; metal cables; plastic wire spools; welding machine cable and wire of common metal.
9Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus; including electrical wire, cable and cords; booster cable sets; cord sets; electrical conduit containing electrical cable and wire; electric cord sets;electric wire harnesses; electrical insulating materials in the form of sheets, tapes, tubing and sleevings, and enamel strips; ignition cable sets; jumper cables; magnet wire; power supply cords with and without connecting plugs; wire assemblies; fiber optic cable; copper and fiber connectivity components; and electronic transmission equipment; excluding spectacles, frames and cases.
17Rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and goods made from these materials and not included in other classes; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing, stopping, and insulating materials; flexible pipes, not of metal; including capacitor paper; electrial insulation and insulators in the form of tubing, heat shrinkable tubing, sleeving, tape, sheets, strips and other fabricated shapes; electric insulators fabricated of synthetic resin, mica or silicone rubber; flexible hose and hose assemblies; flexible, rigid and dual durometer plastic extrusions for general use; heat-shrinkable plastic tubing for general use in industrial arts; heat-sealing resinous sheets and tapes; hose lines; mica; mica paper; mica splittings; molding and extruding compounds of plastic and rubber for fabricating electric insulators; plastic shapes in form of tubing, elongates strips, sheets, and the like for general use; spiral wrapped plastic tubing for general use in industrial arts.

Trademark owner

Essex Group, Inc.
OrganisationEssex Group, Inc.
NameEssex Group, Inc.
Legal statusLegal entity
NationalityUnited States
Address6120 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 150
CountryUnited States


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
AddressBrussels Airport Business Park Holidaystraat, 5


27.4.2000Application registered
25.4.2000Application registered
3.4.2000Registration fee paid
28.3.2000Registration fee paid
16.3.2000Registration fee paid
16.3.2000Registration fee paid
16.3.2000Registration fee paid
19.1.2000Registration pending
13.1.2000Registration pending
13.1.2000Registration pending
7.1.2000Application published
11.8.1999Application published
21.7.1999Application accepted
19.7.1999Application accepted
19.7.1999Application accepted
26.5.1999Application accepted
15.2.1999Application accepted
15.2.1999Absolute grounds checked
15.2.1999Formalities accepted
15.2.1999Formalities pending
15.2.1999Classification checked
20.11.1998Filing date accorded
12.11.1998Application filed
23.10.1998Application filed




28.6.2012CTM.C.2.1 - Representative - Change of name and professional address
3.5.2010CTM.C.1.1 - Proprietor - Total transfers
13.10.2008CTM.D.1 - Renewals
10.9.2007CTM.B.4.2 - Correction of errors - Relative errors
11.6.2007CTM.C.1.1 - Proprietor - Total transfers
8.5.2000CTM.B.2 - Registrations with amendments since the application was published
30.8.1999CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


4.5.2010Proprietor - Total transfers
29.6.2007Correction of errors - Relative errors
11.6.2007Proprietor - Total transfers
13.10.2008Renewal - Total Renewal
5.10.2008 : Renewed
5.10.2008 : Renewal notification sent
30.9.2008 : Renewal fee paid
18.9.2008 : Renewal request received
2.3.2008 : Need to renew communicated


27/04/2010OUTGOINGTransfers - entry on the register.
23/04/2010INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
25/10/2000OUTGOINGT632 - OLD - USE T626
24/07/2000OUTGOINGT600 Acknowledgement of receipt - All recordals.
18/07/2000INCOMINGApplication form and attachment
18/07/2000INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
14/06/2004OUTGOINGTransfers - entry on the register.
18/05/2004INCOMINGAuthorised — general
18/05/2004INCOMINGApplication form and attachment
07/10/2008OUTGOINGL607 \: Notification of the total renewal of the EUTM
03/03/2008OUTGOINGL601A \: Notification of the need to renew an EUTM registration

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