Trademark registration information

NameNot set
Filing number000404475
Date of receipt24.10.1996
Filing date10.10.1996
TypeNot set
Nice classes9, 16, 38, 41, 42
Vienna classes26.01.03, 26.01.19
Registration date23.11.1998
Expiry date10.10.2006
Begin opposition25.5.1998
End opposition25.8.1998
Current statusRegistration expired
Current status date12.8.2007
ReferenceEU 36396 (1) Sn/cn
Filing languageGerman
2nd languageEnglish
Renewal status1.1.1970
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

9Electric, electrotechnical and electronic apparatus, equipment and instruments, included in class 9; scientific, controlling, measuring, signalling, counting, recording, monitoring, checking, switching and regulating equipment and similar apparatus and instruments; apparatus, instruments and equipment for telecommunications; optical image readers with three dimensional graphic representation; apparatus for receiving, recording, transmission, processing, transforming, output and reproduction of data, speech, text, signals, sound and image, including multimedia apparatus; electronic entertainment goods, namely radio and television receivers, sound and/or image recording and reproduction apparatus, including such goods in portable form and for digital image-sound signals; apparatus for interactive television viewing; apparatus for receiving and transforming encoded signals (decoders); apparatus for connecting and controlling, including multimedia, audio, video and telecommunications apparatus and computers and printers, also with electronic program management and control for interactive television viewing and /or pay TV; electronic program managers; operating software and other software for the aforesaid apparatus, instruments and equipment; data processing apparatus and computers, buffer memories, computer chips, discs, cables, drives, terminals, printers, keyboards, monitors and other peripheral apparatus for computers; computer games equipment consisting of disc memories, hand controllers and television games devices; video, computer and other electronic games adapted for use on television apparatus; automatic distribution machines, automatic gaming and entertainment machines, including video and computer games (including token or coin operated); accessories for computers, videos and computer games and similar electronic and electrotechnical apparatus, namely joysticks, manual controls, control apparatus, adapters, modules for expanding functions and extending memory capacity, speech synthesisers, light pens, electronic 3-D spectacles, programmed and non-programmed cassettes, floppy disks and cartridges and modules; boxes for storing cassettes and cartridges, program recorders, numerical keyboards, floppy disk stations principally comprising floppy disk drives, microprocessors and control electronics; electronic data processing apparatus, including monitors, input apparatus, output apparatus, printers, terminals and memories, including being additional apparatus for a main piece of apparatus; computer programs on floppy disks, tapes, cassettes, cartridges and modules, discs, compact discs, films, punched cards, punched strips and semi-conductor memories; electronic data carriers; video games (computer games) in the form of computer programs recorded on data carriers; computer and video game cassettes, floppy disks, cartridges, discs and tapes and other programs and databases recorded on machine-readable data carriers, included in class 9; pre-recorded and blank sound recording carriers, in particular recording discs, compact discs, sound tapes and sound cassettes (compact cassettes); pre-recorded and blank image carriers (included in class 9), in particular video discs (image discs), compact discs (CD-Video, CD-ROM and CD-I), films, cassettes and tapes; exposed films; photo CDs; photographic, cinematographic, optical and teaching apparatus and instruments; pre-recorded magnetic, magnetic optical and optical carriers for sound and/or image; telephone cards, in particular encoded telephone cards; parts for all the aforesaid goods, included in class 9.
16Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, namely face towels of paper, table napkins, filter paper, handkerchiefs of paper, paper decorations, writing paper, packaging bags and wrapping paper; printed matter, namely newspapers, periodicals, comics, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, prospectuses, programmes, press folders, books, book sleeves, posters, transparencies, entrance tickets, participant tickets, invitation cards, identity cards; stationery, including writing and drawing implements; office requisites including stamps [seals], inking pads, inks, letter openers, paper knives, letter trays, waste paper baskets, document files, writing pads, punches, loose-leaf files, paper clips and staples, stickers, including self-adhesive; teaching and instructional material (except apparatus) in the form of printed matter, games, models, wall boards, drawing and presentation equipment; plastic materials for packaging, namely sleeves, pouches, bags, films, including self-adhesive films and films for decorative purposes; playing cards, card games; photographs, pictures (prints and paintings); calendars, transfers (including vinyl and iron-on transfers), paper and vinyl stickers, moulded sound and image carrier containers; cut-out figures and decorations of cardboard, stationery, postcards and greeting cards, exchange cards, name plates of paper or cardboard, note books, notice boards, address books, folders, file covers and folders, film hole punch reinforcers, calendars, albums, paperweights, letter openers, note blocks, rulers, erasers, bookmarks; dressmaking patterns and drawing patterns; rub on pictures, gift paper, gift tags of paper and cardboard; adhesive plastic films for decorative purposes; sleeves and bags of paper and plastic for packaging; moulded empty video cases; chalk blackboards, adhesives for stationery; writing equipment, in particular ball-point pens and fountain pens, pencil cases (except of leather), pencil boxes, pencil holders, pencil extenders, pencil sharpeners, drawing, painting and modelling goods and apparatus, paint brushes; artists' materials, namely crayons, chalk, palettes and canvasses; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture), dispensing apparatus for adhesive tapes, printers' type, printing blocks; ink; painted works of art of paper, cardboard; decorations for party purposes of paper.
38Wireless or networked broadcast of radio and television transmissions/programmes; broadcasting of film, television, radio, VTX, videotext and teletext programmes or transmissions; arranging and allocating of user passwords for users of various communication networks; telecommunications; gathering, delivering and transmitting messages, press reports and market research data (including on electronic channels and/or by computer); transmission of sound and images by means of satellites; broadcasting Pay TV including video on demand, including for others being a digital platform; services in the field of telecommunications and information banks, in particular transmission of information stored in databases via telecommunications; providing of information to others, broadcasting information via wireless or cable networks, broadcasting radio and television transmissions; on-line services and transmissions, namely transfer of information and messages including E-mail; operating a teleshopping channel; operation of networks for the transfer of messages, images, text, speech and data; transmission of information, including sound, image and data; transmission of fee data.
41Production, reproduction, showing and rental of films, videos and other television programmes; production and reproduction of data, speech, text, sound and image recordings of video and/or audio cassettes, tapes and discs (including CD-ROMs and CDIs) and of video games (computer games); demonstration and rental of video and/or audio cassettes, tapes and discs (including CD-ROMs and CDIs) and of video games (computer games); rental of television receiving apparatus and decoders; education, providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; organisation and conducting of shows, quizzes and musical events and conducting competitions in the entertainment and sporting field, including for recordings or being live broadcasts on radio or television; production of television and radio advertising broadcasts including associated prize game broadcasts; conducting competitions in the fields of training, teaching, entertainment and sports; distance learning courses; publishing books, periodicals and other printed matter and associated electronic media (including CD-ROMs and CDIs); conducting concert, theatre and entertainment events and sporting competitions; broadcasting of film, television, radio, VTX, videotext and teletext programmes or transmissions; producing films and videos and radio and television programmes of a training, teaching and entertainment nature, including for children and young people; radio and television broadcasts/programmes via wireless and cable networks; recording, storing, processing and reproduction of information, including sound and images.
42Issuing, negotiating, rental and other exploitation of rights to films, television and video productions and other image and sound programmes; copyright and intellectual property rights management and exploitation for others; exploitation of film and television ancillary rights in the field of merchandising; software development, in particular in the fields of multimedia, interactive television and Pay-TV; technical consultancy in the field of multimedia, interactive television and Pay TV (included in class 42); computer programming, including video and computer games; database services, namely analysing and supplying data; on-line interactive electronic research.

Trademark owner

Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
OrganisationSky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
NameSky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
Legal statusLegal entity
AddressMedienallee 26


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
AddressMarktstr. 3 - Börsenhof C


Date Country Filing number Status
13.4.1996Germany396 17 855.3Accepted


12.8.2007Registration expired
13.1.1999Application registered
21.12.1998Application registered
10.12.1998Registration fee paid
9.12.1998Registration fee paid
28.11.1998Registration fee paid
27.11.1998Registration fee paid
23.11.1998Registration fee paid
6.10.1998Registration pending
5.10.1998Registration pending
2.10.1998Registration pending
5.6.1998Application published
4.6.1998Registration pending
5.5.1998Application published
20.4.1998Application accepted
16.4.1998Application accepted
15.4.1998Application accepted
2.3.1998Application accepted
15.2.1998Absolute grounds checked
10.2.1998Formalities accepted
2.1.1998Formalities pending
2.1.1998Formalities pending
23.10.1997Classification checked


16.4.2007CTM.C.1.1 - Proprietor - Total transfers
18.1.1999CTM.B.1 - Registrations with no amendments since the application was published
25.5.1998CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


16.4.2007Proprietor - Total transfers
12.8.2007Non-renewal -
12.8.2007 : Expired
12.3.2006 : Need to renew communicated


27/03/2002OUTGOINGTransfers - entry on the register.
06/02/2002OUTGOINGT600 Acknowledgement of receipt - All recordals.
04/02/2002INCOMINGAuthorised — individual
04/02/2002INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
21/05/2007OUTGOINGL609A \: Notification of the cancellation of an EUTM registration
13/03/2006OUTGOINGL601A \: Notification of the need to renew an EUTM registration
13/01/1999OUTGOINGCertificate of Registration
06/10/1998OUTGOINGRequest for payment of the registration fee
13/01/1999OUTGOINGCover letter for registration certificate.
11/02/1998OUTGOINGSearch report transmitted (Article 38(1) and (6))
16/04/1998OUTGOINGNotification of acceptance for publication
24/10/1996INCOMINGApplication form and attachment

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