Trademark registration information

Filing number000138685
Date of receipt29.3.1996
Filing date1.4.1996
TypeNot set
Nice classes7, 12
Vienna classesNone
Registration date26.1.1999
Expiry date1.4.2006
Begin opposition10.8.1998
End opposition10.11.1998
Current statusRegistration expired
Current status date4.2.2007
Filing languageDutch
2nd languageEnglish
Renewal status1.1.1970
Acquired distinctivenessNo

Goods and Services

7Agricultural machinery and installations, including but not restricted to combine harvesters, presses, reapers, windrowers, ploughs, earth moving machines, seed drills, mowing and conditioning machinery, mowers, rakes, planting machines, cultivators, harrows, mechanical shovels, machines and installations for distributing manures and artificial fertilisers, grinding and mixing machines; diesel motors and engines; building machinery, machinery for the handling of materials, earth moving machinery and forestry machinery including but not restricted to drag shovels, bulldozers, cable layers, trench diggers, trench ploughs, forklift trucks, excavators, loading machines, parts and fittings for all the aforementioned products included in this class.
12Tractors, forklift trucks, including parts and fittings therefor; transmissions for motor vehicles.

Trademark owner

CNH Industrial America LLC
OrganisationCNH Industrial America LLC
NameCNH Industrial America LLC
Legal statusLegal entity
NationalityUnited States
Address700 State Street
CountryUnited States


OrganisationNot set
Legal statusLegal person
AddressHoogoorddreef 5
Postcode1101 BA


4.2.2007Registration expired
3.3.1999Application registered
26.2.1999Application registered
5.2.1999Registration fee paid
4.2.1999Registration fee paid
29.1.1999Registration fee paid
29.1.1999Registration fee paid
27.1.1999Registration fee paid
13.1.1999Registration pending
21.12.1998Registration pending
18.12.1998Registration pending
1.9.1998Application published
7.7.1998Application accepted
7.7.1998Application accepted
7.7.1998Application accepted
16.4.1998Application accepted
9.3.1998Application accepted
27.11.1997Application accepted
21.11.1997Absolute grounds checked
21.11.1997Formalities accepted
10.11.1997Formalities pending
10.11.1997Classification checked
19.9.1997Classification pending


25.6.2007CTM.C.2.1 - Representative - Change of name and professional address
8.3.1999CTM.B.1 - Registrations with no amendments since the application was published
10.8.1998CTM.A.1 - Applications published under article 40 CTMR


25.6.2007Representative - Change of name and professional address
25.3.2006Representative - Change of name and professional address
4.2.2007Non-renewal -
4.2.2007 : Expired
4.9.2005 : Need to renew communicated


18/03/2002OUTGOINGT724A \: Notification that a change of the name or the business address of a representative has been entered into Application(s) for the EUTM pursuant to Rules 265 (7).
01/03/2002INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
31/01/2002OUTGOINGT724A \: Notification that a change of the name or the business address of a representative has been entered into Application(s) for the EUTM pursuant to Rules 265 (7).
19/12/2001OUTGOINGT704 - Deficiency letter for C.2.1
11/12/2001INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
17/12/2001INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
18/12/2001INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
21/12/2001INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
26/12/2001INCOMINGLetter to the EUIPO
21/11/2006OUTGOINGL609A \: Notification of the cancellation of an EUTM registration
08/09/2005OUTGOINGL601A \: Notification of the need to renew an EUTM registration
13/01/1999OUTGOINGRequest for payment of the registration fee
03/03/1999OUTGOINGCover letter for registration certificate.
03/03/1999OUTGOINGCertificate of Registration

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