If you are the owner of a trademark, or if you are are lawyer and have to manage a trademark portfolio, then you have to monitor you trademarks. You have to keep track of the registration process.
TMDB.eu offers an automated trademark monitor and status tracking. Simply follow the status of a trademark by providing your email. Any time the status of your trademark changes We will send you an email.

Choose the trademark you want to monitor

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Click on the button 'Follow trademark'

That's really easy and we don't have to give further explanations

Type in your email adress

You don't have to register. Simply give us your email adress. You 'll receive an email and click the link to activate the radar.
That's it. If you want to unsubscribe: Follow the link we give in every email we sent to you. Your email adress wil not be given to other persons or companies.

Check your emails

Whenever the filing of the trademark changes, you will be informed by email. Just follow the link in the email and get all informations you need.