European Union Trademark No. 002189991 (Figurative) Trademark register: EUIPO Status: registration expired

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Logo design: One circle or ellipse ; Circles or ellipses with inscriptions projecting beyond the circumference

The European Union Trademark for SupplyOn (Figurative) was filed on 23.04.2001 for goods and services in class(es) 1, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 35, 37, 38, 41 and 42 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The current status of the trademark No. 002189991 SupplyOn is 'registration expired'.

Trademark information
RegisterEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
Filing date23.04.2001
Registration date19.03.2003
Expiry date23.04.2011
Nice classes1, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 35, 37, 38, 41 and 42
OwnerSupplyOn AG
 85399 Hallbergmoos, DE
RepresentativeGLEISS LUTZ
 70173 Stuttgart, DE
Goods and Services (the trademark is registered for the following goods and services)
Class 1 : Adhesives for bonding and repairing belts for conveyors;materials for repairing pneumatic tyres, including filling compounds and adhesives.
Class 7 : Machines; motors and engines (except for land vehicles);machine couplings and transmission components (except for land vehicles);starter motors (other than for land vehicles), power generators, ignition systems for combustion engines, glow plugs, spark plugs, lamda probes, ignition distributors, ignition coils, magnetos, spark plug sockets, injection pumps, fuel pumps, speed governors, injectors and nozzle holders;valves for machines;fuel filters, oil filters, air filters;hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic accumulators;pneumatic valves, power steering, air brakes, pneumatic devices, namely pneumatic compressors, compressed air reservoirs, control valves, brake valves;turbocompressors;electronic control apparatus for manufacturing engineering, resistance welding installations, servo drives and transmission spindles, robot controls, programmable controls;modular elements for use in automatic assembly/manufacturing engineering, including workstation equipment, namely work tables and work benches, machine mounting plates, safety and protection devices, swivel workstations, lifting devices, table presses, material delivery and sequencing systems, namely assembly lines and conveying chains, vibrating conveyors, tilt mechanisms and programmable electric devices, including grabs and swan-neck robots;burring machines (mechanical, thermal and electrochemical);packaging machines, electric power tools and plug-in tools therefor;radio frequency generators;igniting devices for internal combustion engines;bearings for rotary motion, bearings for longitudinal motion, ball bearings, rolling bearings, needle bearings, sleeve bearings, rocker bearings, parts of bearings, bearing housings, bearing shells, followers, supporting rollers, rod ends, universal joints, belt tensioning rollers, rollers, overriding cluthes, lubricating adapters being attachments for bearings, axles for machines, driving machines, work gear spindles for skew-axes gears, textile machines and parts therefor, top rollers for drafting equipment and weighting arms therefor, bottom roller bearings, spinning spindles and belt tensioning pulleys, textile machine levers, thread guiding rollers, metallic sealing rings, retainer rings;gears for machines and electric drives;gears and couplings for machine and installation construction;gear systems, gear preselectors, automatic switching apparatus, in particular for automatic gear shifting;synchronizing rings and synchronizing devices for gear boxes;fluid torque convertors;control and regulating systems for gears;gears for industrial robots and machine tools;planetary gears for hydrostatic and electric drives;lift gears, gears and drives for hoists;hydraulic pumps and engines, couplings, one-way clutches and overriding clutches, wheels, brakes, magnetically and electromagnetically activated brakes and couplings;pressure cylinders, valves, flow indicators;bevel gear wheels, wormwheels and worms, bevel wheels, toothed racks, sprockets, internal geared wheels;rolling machines for bevelled rolling or cylindrical back rolling;machine tools for the manufacture and processing of toothed wheels, namely gear shaping machines, gear shaving machines, gear milling machines, grinding machines, tools for these machine tools, dividing appparatus for gear cutting machines;machines and electric and mechanical apparatus for testing gear cutting with regard to accuracy of construction and running noise;material testing machines and material testing apparatus, engine and gear bearing arrangements;parts of metal and rubber, mainly parts of metal and rubber assembled using an adhesive mixture, for machines;rubber and similar materials, belts for conveyors and parts therefor, in particular bearings for breast rollers, tyres for wheels, fixed height goods vehicles, fixed strippers for removing dirt from conveyor belts;roller coverings, wear-resistant materials and covers for conveyor belts;buffer rings and retainer rings;strippers;bonding and repair materials for belts for conveyors;transport chains;belts for machines and engines, other than land vehicle machines and engines;belt tensioning rollers;friction gear wheels, air springs for mechanical devices and for industrial drives and vibration generators;transport chains;transmission belts, in particular belts, in particular V-belts, toothed belts, flat belts and round belts;friction wheels and cushion tyres and belts for friction transmission wheels;springs and dampers;blowers for air springs, being lifting elements and pressurized elements for holding rollers;covers of rubber and similar materials for rollers, in particular pressing rollers for machines;wear-resistant materials and covers for conveyor belts, bonding and repair materials for conveyor belts;parts and fittings included in Class 7 for the aforesaid goods.... More
Class 9 : Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data-carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus; Electric and electronic measurement, checking (supervision), and control equipment for installation in vehicles;apparatus for the recording, processing, sending, receiving and displaying of signals, data, images and sounds, electric and electromagnetic data carriers;video cameras, screens.Loudspeakers, aerials for radios and television sets, telephones, car aerials, portable radiotelephony sets, car telephones, alarm systems;locating and navigation equipment for installation in land, air and water vehicles;electric power units, electric filters, semi-conductor components, opto-electronic components;printed, engraved and sealed circuits, integrated circuits, relays, fuses, cables for electric, electronic and optical signals, cable linkages, electronic beam adjusters, sensors, detectors, switchgear/switchboxes, solar cells and solar generators;analysis equipment for motor vehicles, namely for exhaust gas analysis, soot particle analysis, brake function, diagnostic instruments and devices for simulations, engine testers, workshop testing apparatus for injection pumps, starter motors and generators;batteries, chargers, battery testers, amplifiers, transformers, cable drums; irons; machine-readable data carriers of all types with programs installed; computer programs and software of all kinds;magnetic data carriers, namely magnetic tapes, magnetic discs and magnetic cards;test stands for goods included in class 12;torque stands, checkers and equipment for testing steering assemblies, prime movers and gears, machines for running-in gears, speed indicators, torque measuring apparatus;rubber rollers for racks and similar machines;parts and accessories for the aforementioned goods.... More
Class 11 : Heating, cooking, grilling and refrigerating apparatus;gas lighters; all the aforesaid goods included in class 11; headlamps and lights, including the aforesaid goods for vehicles, cooling devices/cooling apparatus; ventilation installations; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods in class 11.
Class 12 : Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; all individual parts, replacement parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods;restraints for fitting in motor vehicles, namely belt tighteners, airbags and sensors;windscreen defrosting systems;power brakes and air brakes for land and air vehicles, antilock brake systems;traction control systems;gear controls;vehicle dynamics control systems;windscreen wipers, hydraulic steering assemblies for land, air and water vehicles;motors and engines, electric, for land vehicles;tyres, treads for retreading tyres, inner tubes for tyres, spikes for tyres, tyres for vehicles, vehicle wheel tyres, gears for torque transmission for land, air and water vehicles, manual gearboxes for passenger vehicles, lorries, buses and special purpose vehicles;automatic, mechanical gears for passenger vehicles, lorries, buses and special purpose vehicles and rail vehicles;automatic gears and automatic infinitely variable change-speed gears for passenger vehicles, lorries, buses and special purpose vehicles;transfer cases integrated into automatic gears;mechanical and hydrostatic variators for adjusting the speed increasing ratio in automatic infinitely variable change-speed gears;high-low clutches for lorries, buses, special purpose vehicles and rail vehicles;hydrostatic and hydrodynamic high-low clutches for construction machines, special purpose vehicles, industrial vehicles and rail vehicles;synchro-mesh gears and high-low clutches for farm tractors;electronic and hydraulic control and regulating systems for gears for land, air and water vehicles, and for vehicles used in agricultural engineering and construction, and software for these systems;gear systems and infinitely variable change-speed split-torque gears for self-propelled agricultural machines, work machines and construction machines, transfer cases for passenger vehicles and special purpose vehicles with and without all-wheel drives;auxiliary drives for auxiliary units;locking and self-locking differentials for passenger vehicles, lorries, special purpose vehicles and self-propelled work machines;gear systems, gear preselectors, automatic switching apparatus, in particular for automatic gear shifting;synchronizing rings and synchronizing devices for gear boxes;apparatus for supporting switching operations;integrated hydraulic and electronic gear controls;switching strategies for gear-change control for automatic multi-step reduction gears;operating strategies for adjusting the speed increasing ratio in automatic infinitely variable change-speed gears;hydro torque converter;superposition steering gears, controls for superposition steering gears, gear systems for tracked vehicles;electric, electromechanical and electrohydraulic drives and drive systems and hybrid drives for passenger vehicles, lorries, buses and special purpose vehicles;wheel hub drive systems and wheel hub gears;drives for rail vehicles;travelling gear for work machines;planetary gears for hydrostatic and electric drives;gear systems for helicopters, aeroplanes and dirigibles;helicopter rotor blade adjusting devices;driving gears for helicopters;actuators for air vehicles, reversing gears and step-up gears for water vehicles;gears for industrial trucks, lift gears, gears and drives for hoists;mechanical, hydraulic, electrohydraulic and electrically-assisted steering mechanisms and steering systems for passenger vehicles, lorries, buses, agricultural machines and construction machines, cranes, special purpose vehicles, track-type vehicles and self-propelled work machines of all types;steering accessories, namely universal joints, angular gears, steering columns, steering pumps, oil tanks, valves, working cylinders for steering mechanisms;control and regulating concepts and devices for electric assisted steering mechanisms and steering systems;steer-by-wire systems;torque, torsion angle, steering speed, steering acceleration and rotor position sensors;worm gears for steering mechanisms;fixed and adjustable steering columns, steering axles, steering brakes, steering valves, intermediate steering gears;hydraulic pumps, couplings, one-way clutches and overriding clutches, wheels, brakes;torsional vibration damper systems;axles, axle systems and axle drives for passenger vehicles, lorries, buses, agricultural, forestry and construction machines, cranes and special purpose vehicles, industrial trucks and rail vehicles;wheel and axle guiding systems, steering stablizers, wheel suspensions, axle guides;travelling gear components for motor vehicles of all types;roll stabiliser and levelling devices;pressure cylinders, valves, flow indicators;separate and integrated primary and secondary retarder brake systems for lorries, buses, special purpose vehicles and rail vehicles;starters, power generators and integrated starter generators;bevel gear wheels, wormwheels, worms and worm gears, bevel wheels, toothed racks, sprockets, engine and gear bearing arrangements;belts for land vehicle machines;air springs for vehicle suspension parts for driver's seat and driver's cab spring systems;life rafts of rubber;fuel tanks for vehicles;lifeboats;transmission belts, in particular V-belts (for land vehicle engines), friction wheels and cushion tyres and belts for friction transmission wheels, springs and dampers;blowers for air springs, in particular for vehicle suspensions;pneumatic tyres and solid rubber tyres and wheel rim covers, valves and flexible tubes for pneumatic tyres, outer covers for retreading and recapping tyres, repair materials for pneumatic tyres, including adhesive parts and strips;parts of metal and rubber, mainly parts of metal and rubber mounted using an adhesive mixture, for vehicles and automobiles, complete wheels, breakdown support devices for vehicle tyres;vehicle tires and - flexible tubes and repair materials therefor, including cover strips and patches and retreading mixtures of rubber, and rubber mixtures for filling holes, solid rubber tyres, wheel rims;vehicles and components therefor, automobile parts, brake systems and controlled brake systems and electronically controlled brake systems and parts therefor, in particular electronic parking brakes (EPB), active parking brakes and immobilizers, speed and distance control systems, electronic brake effort proportioning systems;antilock brake systems (ABS), traction control systems (TCR), stability management systems (ESP) and parts therefor, wheel brake systems, electromechanical brake systems, electrohydraulic, hydromechanical, electromechanical and hydraulic wheel brake and application systems and parts therefor, including electronic control circuits, cylinders, brake segments, brake paste, flexible tubes, actuators, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric amplifiers, reservoirs;valves, mechanical and electronic regulators, sensors, mechanical, electric and hydraulic positioners and transmitters, including brake effort transmitters, dampers and in particular brake callipers, brake drums, wheel brake cylinders, brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid, brake hoses;main cylinders, servobrakes, brake pressure regulators, adjustable brake pedals, electric motors and pumps;controlled and uncontrolled electromechanical and electrohydraulic steering mechanisms and parts therefor, including steering angle sensors, steering actuators;wheels with tyres and devices for tyring wheels, in particular wheel suspension devices and parts therefor, wheel monitoring systems, in particular deflation systems and tyre pressure gauges and revolution counters, controlled and uncontrolled travelling gear, spring systems for wheels and parts therefor, including pneumatic springs and gas springs, air supply units, active and passive, controlled and uncontrolled shock absorbers and suspension struts, controlled batteries, controlled adjusting devices for vehicle parts, including butterfly valves, cam shafts;electric starters for engines, motor-driven generators, axles and axle modules;sensor, regulation and control systems, including processors therefor for improving driving safety and stability, suspension and noise comfort, travelling gear and components therefor;electric and electronic measuring, checking and control apparatus for installing in motor vehicles;parts for motor vehicles, engineering parts for engine and vehicle construction, plungers for fuel injection pumps, valve control components and devices for internal combustion engines, rocker arms, rocker fingers, valve rotating devices, electromagnetic and electrohydraulic valve activating devices, devices for adjusting or equalizing tappet clearance, tappets, cam shaft adjusting devices, chain adjusting devices, belt tensioning devices, water pumps, clutches, gears, gear synchronizing devices, synchronizing rings, sliding selector shafts, gear-shifting gates, gearshift forks, gearshift locking devices, brake operating devices, impulse rings for antilock brake systems (ABS), articulated couplings, universal joints, tripod joints, crankshafts, connecting rods, axle journals;and parts and fittings, all included in Class 12 for the aforesaid goods.... More
Class 16 : Written accompanying material for computer software and programs, namely manuals (handbooks), catalogues, instruction leaflets and directions;colour sheets and printing blankets made of rubber or similar materials, not of textile;printing blocks of rubber, adhesives (office materials), bookbinding fabrics, educational books, periodicals, repair and/or user instructions for motor vehicle parts.
Class 17 : Rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and goods made from these materials and included in class 17, in particular rubber for retreading tyres; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing, stopping and insulating materials; flexible pipes, not of metal; goods made of rubber, gutta-percha and synthetic elastic polymers, included in class 17, in particular rubber tubes, plastic hoses, seals, diaphragms and vibration damping devices, moulded articles of rubber and similar materials for stuffing box packing, pipes, pipe bends of rubber and similar materials, sheets of rubber and similar materials for manufacturing soles and heels, compounds of non-vulcanised rubber and synthetic materials for manufacturing footwear;rigid and flexible sheets and plates of foam rubber and similar materials;materials for upholstering furniture and vehicles;foam rubber sheets and plates for manufacturing sound and vibration dampers;moulded hard rubber bars, pipes and plates;parts of metal and rubber, mainly parts of metal and rubber mounted using an adhesive mixture (sealing compound), for vehicles, automobiles and machines, heat insulating installations;moulded hard rubber products;non-metallic sealing rings.... More
Class 18 : Leatherware, (included in class 18);imitation leather.
Class 19 : Wooden bases, blowers, shovels, floors, panelling and sound and vibration dampers made from multiple sections (the aforesaid goods not of metal).
Class 20 : Parts of seats and beds made from foam rubber and other plastics; mattresses.
Class 22 : Cord of metal and yarn, in particular being a reinforcing coating for goods of rubber or synthetic materials;reinforcing elements of textile fabric and metal.
Class 23 : Fibre ends and yarns for manufacturing textile products.
Class 24 : Friction fabric for manufacturing colour sheets, dinghies diaphragms and aprons.
Class 25 : Soles and heels for footwear, finished or unfinished woven material for blind or awning fabric, foams;roller coatings of rubber and similar substances, roller linings for printing machines and coatings for platens;woven materials coated with rubber or similar substances and synthetic materials, in particular fabric for dinghies, fabric of rubber or similar substances and synthetic materials for textile containers;fabric of rubber or similar substances and synthetic materials for bookbinding;anti-slip inserts for footwear;inner soles of rubber and other plastics, including soles containing additional materials, in particular cork.... More
Class 35 : Advertising; business management, business administration; office functions; services in connection with electronic information, communications and transaction platforms, in particular in connection with procurement, supplier management and product development;consultancy in the field of marketing with regard the sale of customised vehicle parts, organisational, professional business and marketing consultancy, information for car manufacturers, retailers, repair workshops and end users concerning the aforesaid products, including consultancy with regard to the fitting, sale and replacement of vehicle parts;conducting of trade fairs for industrial, commercial and advertising purposes, exhibitions for industrial, commercial and advertising purposes, advertising events.... More
Class 37 : Maintenance, servicing and repair services for the aforesaid goods and their parts;testing, repair and replacing of vehicle parts and components, in particular batteries, filters, exhaust systems, brakes, shock absorbers and vehicle bodies, checking oil levels and changing oil, development, planning and technical consultancy services with regard to the custom manufacture, testing and repair of vehicle parts and/or the licensing of these services;research, design and development services.Construction and training in the field of sensor, regulation and control systems, including processors therefor for improving driving safety and stability, suspension and noise comfort;technical consultancy and providing of expertise in the above-mentioned field.... More
Class 38 : Telecommunications, in particular in connection with Internet platforms;Internet services, namely the processing and providing of data and information on the Internet concerning the development, creating, programming, construction, function, production, dissemination, sale, application, use, operation, handling, modifying, marketing, maintenance, rental, updating, design and outsourcing of computer programs and software.... More
Class 41 : Training by means of creating, developing, using and applying computer programs and software and by means of electronic data processing.
Class 42 : Electronic data processing services.Software programming services, software installation services, software maintenance services, software support services and all necessary services with regard to the use of software;creating, development and design of computer programs and software, in particular for commercial functions including accounting and checking, production and materials management, quality management and maintenance, sales, personnel management and project management, and general office functions, including word processing, electronic mail and archiving services;implementation, rental, updating, outsourcing and maintenance of computer programs and software;consultancy with regard to the creating, development, use and application of computer programs and software;research in the field of computer programs and software;consultancy in connecton with the aforesaid goods, creating software for transmission control systems, transmission systems, steering mechanisms and steering systems for land, air and water vehicles, and for vehicles used in agricultural engineering and construction;technical consultancy services in the field of tyres, in particular with regard to rationalisation.... More
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