European Union Trademark No. 001861111 (Figurative) Trademark register: EUIPO Status: registration expired


Logo design: Terrestrial globes with representation solely of meridians and parallels ; Other representations of the Earth or of the terrestrial globe ; Hands, cupped hands, fingers, fingernails, imprints of hands or of fingers, arms

The European Union Trademark for this logo was filed on 19.09.2000 for goods and services in class(es) 7, 9, 10 and 11 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The current status of the trademark No. 001861111 is 'registration expired'.

Trademark information
RegisterEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
Filing date19.09.2000
Registration date05.03.2002
Expiry date19.09.2010
Nice classes7, 9, 10 and 11
OwnerKabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, also trading as Toshiba Corporation
 105-8001 Minato-ku, Tokyo, JP
RepresentativeMARKS & CLERK LLP
 WC2E 9RA London, GB
Goods and Services (the trademark is registered for the following goods and services)
Class 7 : Impregnating machines; hydroelectric generating installations; thermal electric generating installations; atomic power generating installations; diesel-electric generating installations; turbines and boilers for turbines; installations and apparatus for nuclear stations, power apparatus for boiling water type nuclear reactor, fuel handling facilities, nuclear turbines and generators, uranium gas centrifuges; electric mixers and blenders, motors (none for land vehicles), drive motors and associated starters (except for terrestrial vehicles), starters for drive motors; electric generators; compressors (machines); pumps (other than petrol vending or surgical pumps, or air pumps being vehicle accessories); elevators; escalators; moving walkways (in the nature of escalators), escalators; punching card machines (not electric); washing machines; drying machines; tumble dryers (machines), other than for laundry use; laundry presses; ironing machines; dry-cleaning machines; electric dish washers; noodle making machines; electric meat grinders; electric food processors; household electric tool sets; electric can openers; motor hoists; electric juice-making machines; electric pumps for domestic use; quenching locomotives (for use in smelting works); blenders; electric coffee mills; electric coffee blenders, clutch plates (for automobiles and ships etc), brake pads; coffee mills and coffee blenders, (none being hand operated); polishing machines (not for domestic use), scouring and cleaning machines, abraiding machines, moulding dies being parts of machines; printing heads of printing machines; automatic electric wedling machines; automatic drilling machines; automatic mechanical handling machines; catalytic converters and catalyst supports for internal combustion engines; machines for the production, control, distribution and delivery of compressed air; machine tools; pipe shaping machines; machines for cleaning and treating chemical products; pressure vessels being part of machines; separating nozzles for uranium enrichment (other than for laboratory or medical use); equipment and machinery for the automated handling of tools and workpieces; waste disposers and waste disposal machines for the disposal of radioactive substances and substances; injection nozzles; fuel rails; vehicle fuel-injection valves; filters (being part of machines); mincing machines, mixing and kneading; machines, juice extractors, slicing machines, grinders, ice-cream makers; sewing machines; waste disposal machines, waste masticators and compressors; electric can openers, electric polishers for parquet floorings; knife sharpener machines; electronic fuel injection pumps; fuel handling machines; electric vacuum cleaners; electric vacuum cleaners and their components, vacuum cleaner nozzles and brushes; electric floor cleaners and polishers; electric carpet beaters and cleaners; window cleaning devices (electric); show cleaning devices (electric); portable generators; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.... More
Class 9 : Scientific appliances, devices and instruments for laboratory research purposes; electric and electronic apparatus, devices and instruments; optical, photographic, nautical and geodetic appliances, devices and instruments; weighing, signalling, measuring, counting, recording, monitoring, testing, control and switching devices; electric switchgear and control cabinets; stacking systems for electric switchgear; mail processing machines; automatic bank note processing machines; electric hair curlers; electric irons (flat irons); radiation monitors for reactors; television receivers; television cameras; video tape recorders and accessories thereof; magnetic tapes for video tape recorders; video disc players; video discs for video disc players; tuners; radio receivers; radio receivers with clocks; photo copying machines and apparatus; cash dispensers; automatic teller machines; automatic depositors; closed circuit television cameras; closed circuit television monitors; gunn oscillator; magnetron; fluorescent screens; electrodes for electric wedling; semiconductor devices; crystal filters; thermal printer heads; testing equipment for semiconductors; electron tubes, transmitting tubes, rectifier tubes, discharge tubes, microwave tubes, camera tubes, cathode-ray tubes, X-ray tubes, laser plasma tubes; deflection yokes; liquid crystal devices; radar equipment; electric wires and cables; page-readers; industrial robots; wiring devices, sockets, receptacles, plugs, switches; measuring apparatus, X-ray or Gamma-ray thickness gauges, gamma-ray level gauges, photoelectric width gauges, electromagnetic flow meters, watt-hour meters; tape recorders and decks; dictating machines; magnetic tapes for sound recorders; phonograph record players; records for phonograph record players; needles for phonographs; phono-cartridges; noise reduction devices and units for audio equipment; loud speaker systems; audio amplifiers; microphones; headphones; equalizers; antennas; sound recording and reproducing machines; stereophonic phonographs; radio cassette tape recorders; digital audio players; digital audio discs; audio racks; audio-visual equipment for educational use; intercommunication systems; telephones; telephone apparatus; telephone exchangers; video-phone equipment; transceivers; facsimile transmission apparatus; equipment for the recording, emission, transmission, reception, reproduction and processing of sounds and/or characters and/or images; communication devices and apparatus; data transfer and communication devices; devices and apparatus for mobile radio communications; devices and apparatus for the transmission of speech, data and images; satellite earth stations; telecommunication cables and lines and optical fibres for electrical and optical transmission of speech, data and images; car phones; telephone answering machines; charge indicators; paging apparatus; telephones with integral facsimile machines; two-way radios and radio sets; intercom and two-way intercom apparatus; modems; couplers, transceivers, concentrators; microwave communication equipment; optical communication equipment; VHF and UHF communication equipment; satellite communication equipment; mobile communication equipment; public address systems; electric megaphones, dry cells; battery chargers; storage batteries; solar cells and applications; car radio and tape recorders; photographic, electrostatic or thermic copying machines; electric bells; electric door chimes; alarms; dimmers; vending machines; television broadcast equipment; radio broadcast equipment; electronic computers; computer programs ( recorded on tapes, discs or data carriers); magnetic tape and disc systems for use with computers; card readers for use with computers; printers for use with computers; display systems for use with computers; key board devices for use with computers; word processors; transformers; inverters; induction voltage regulators; condensers; circuit breakers; switches; disconnecting switches; switchboards; switch gear equipment; lightning arresters; electric relays; converters; connectors; rectifiers; fuses; electric contactors; starters; contactors; tap changers; resistors; static power capacitors; electric calculators; electric document filing machines; automatic ticket issuing machines; automatic ticket inspecting machines; automatic fare adjusters; automatic train control systems and equipment; automatic car identification systems; process control instrumentation systems; industrial computer control systems; turbine supervisory instruments, sensors; air pollution monitoring systems; burner flame detectors; telemetering equipment; data loggers; pin hole detectors; testing and inspecting equipment; electronic counters; oscilloscopes; meters and indicators; laser and applications thereof; airborne electronic equipment; navigation aides equipment; X-ray analysers; pulse-height analysers; magnifying glasses; petrol pumps (domestic use); cash registers; counterfeit coin detecting machines; machines for counting money; electronic and electric installations for use in the supervision, checking and automatic remote control of industrial operations and in the calculations and furnishing of data and statistical information; flash lamps for photographic purposes; X-ray non-destructive testing units; leak testers; detectors; records; power supply systems; gamma cameras; automatic gamma counters; automatic phonocardiogram analysers; automatic electro-cardiogram analysers; clinical laboratory equipment; biochemical analysers; automated cytobilogical screeners; glow switch starters; electronic engine control systems (for automobile engine); reactors controls and instruments; electric mosquito-killers; water quality monitoring systems, ballast, call chimes, bells and buzzers, leakage breakers, motor breakers, safety breakers, household power distribution panels, switch boxes and safety enclosed switches, emergency broad casting equipment, microphone mixers, background music playing devices, cable television equipment, power receiving and distribution facilities, emergency power source equipment, ultra-violet irradiating equipment, solar energy equipment, thyristor dimming systems for stages and studios, super-sized color picture display monitors, fixed/movable type electric sign board systems, disaster preventing systems for building and tunnels; integrated circuits; IC (integrated circuit) memory card; IC (integrated circuit) memory card readers and/or writers; and display monitors for personal computers; plug-in modules consisting of printed circuit boards; thermostats; lasers for technical purposes; electron microscopes; remote control devices; coin and/or token-operated, automatic machines; electric and electronic devices for data acquisition, processing, transmission, storage and output, general-purpose computers, central processing units, personal computers, storage devices, terminals, control devices, printers, interface units and input/output devices, keyboards and displays; teleprinters; photocopiers; facsimile machines; data processing programs; charts recorders for images, tones and data; electric wires and cables; auxiliary cable laying equipment and splicing machines, being auxiliary cable laying apparatus; conductor rails; line and cable accessories; electrical installation devices switches, dimmers, sockets, switched socket outlets, splitting boxes, aerial sockets, loudspeaker and junction boxes, communication plug-and-socket devices; window louvre pushbuttons and switches; thermometers; hygrometers; plug-and-socket connections, fuses, screw-in mini circuit-breakers, proximity switches, residual-current-operated-circuit-breakers, relays, contactors, cable lugs, cable junction boxes, cable cabinets, fuse boxes, branching boxes, junction boxes, distribution boxes, distribution cabinets, switchboards, time switches, electricity meters; ultrasonic and infrared transmitters and receivers and associated relay stations for switching, dimming and momentary contact switching functions; modules for switching and dimming; time-delay switches; synchro generators; filament transformers with electric starting aid for brightness control of fluorescent lamps; control gear and automatic control equipment for fluorescent lamps; switching and control gear for building services management systems; signalling devices; door entry security systems; distribution, ducting and laying systems for electrical installations, electric and electronic alarm devices and systems and site security devices and apparatus, intruder detection apparatus and police alarm apparatus, electric anti-theft apparatus, security access apparatus and video monitoring apparatus; infrared pass-key apparatus; autonomous hazard signalling devices and protection equipment for water and fire damages; electronic tagging systems; personal identification devices; electric and electronic equipment for process control engineering; pipe testing equipment, equipment for non-destructive testing of materials in power plants, eddy-current test equipment; electric recording and measuring equipment for air, water and soil pollution, and for noise, vibrations, robots, installation and material handling machines; electrical equipment for machine tools and special-purpose machines; devices, components and apparatus for the identification and localization of leaks in tanks and containers holding solid, liquid and gaseous substances; equipment for non-destructive materials testing; high-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage circuit-breakers and switchgear; high voltage direct current transmission apparatus; electric rectifiers and inverters, instrument transformers; arresters; vacuum tubes for switchgear; switchgear cabinets; metering devices for use in conjunction with electricity, gas, liquids and heat; information and communication equipment and devices for switchgear and power system control; transformers; power lines and cables; electronic dynamometers and torque measuring equipment; electronic load indicators; solar collectors; emergency power supply devices; electrotechnical and electronic components; ceramic components for use in electronic applications, electric batteries; fuel cells; accumulators; solar cells and solar energy apparatus; sensors; optoelectronic components and subassemblies consisting of such; optocouplers; electrical resistors; capacitors; inductors; coils; thermistors; filters; printed; etched, encapsulated and integrated circuits; chip cards; chip card readers; testing devices for electrotechnical and electronic components and subassemblies; magnets and resonators; electronic tubes; surge voltage protectors; power supply apparatus and collision detect devices and optical plug-in modules for fibre-optic communications technology; aerials and aerial apparatus; radar apparatus; short-wave transmitter and receiver stations; radio access apparatus; ground-air communication apparatus; radio direction finding apparatus; satellite position fixing equipment; thermal imaging devices; laser distance measuring equipment; devices for reception, localization and classification of electromagnetic signals; navigational devices for land vehicles, shipping and aircraft; traffic decoders; pilot computers; on-board computers; electronic control units for airbag diagnosis, temperature sensors; cable harnesses; motor management apparatus, motor control apparatus; ignition control and ignition trigger devices; devices for fuel injection control and central fuel injection control; resonators for automotive engineering; electronic control apparatus for gear, drive, differencial, braking, antiskid, four-wheel steering, damping, self-levelling suspension and clutch apparatus; automobile diagnostic equipment; acoustic and optical signalling devices and annunciators; devices for railway signalling technology and apparatus; electric signal boxes and their components; electro-acoustical and conferencing apparatus and equipment for recording and video studios; recording and video transmission and production apparatus; appliances and devices for cable television and systems; photographic and film equipment, video cameras; loud speakers; loud speaker boxes; microphones, earphones; electronic amplifiers; electric irons; electric cleaning equipment; electric food-welding devices; kitchen scales; personal scales; reactor controls; curlers; electronic controls for electronic fuel injection pumps; fluorescent screens; parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid goods.... More
Class 10 : Electromedical, medical, surgical, dental, veterinary and therapeutic apparatus and instruments; electric massagers; electric foot warmers; diagnostic X-ray equipment; appliances and devices for computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance tomography, ultrasonic diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, positron emission tomography (PET), radiation tomography equipment; gamma cameras, automatic gamma cameras, automatic gamma counters; radiation therapy equipment; patient monitoring systems; electron therapy equipment; medical electronic diagnostic equipment, electrocardiographs, electroencephallographs, electropulmographs, cardio-pulmographs, cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, plethysmographs, automatic pulmonary function analysers, phonocardiographs, automatic phonocardiogram analysers; automatic electrocardiogram analysers; multiphasic health checkup systems; clinical laboratory equipment, including hospital automation systems; laser surgical apparatus; and electric blankets; electromedical appliances and devices, and systems and their components; all for diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy; radiopraphic devices based on storage phosphor; angiography, neuroradiology and subtraction angiography (DSA) equipment; digital recording equipment for contrast medium examinations with real time imaging; instruments and equipment for endourulogical radiology, functional diagnostics and instrumental urology and for extracorporeal lithotripter treatment of urinary and biliary calculus; devices for treating bone, muscle and for tendon disorders; appliances and devices for the recording, processing, storage and for reproduction of radiological information; cyclotron for the generation and conditioning of position emitting radionuclides; devices for long-term storage and computer-aided evaluation of electrocardiograms, electro-encephalographs; equipment for high-frequency heat treatment, electrosurgery, diagnostics and for therapy; measuring instrument for cardiac catheterization; equipment for patient observation and arrhythmia analysis; polygraphic and electrophysiological equipment; measuring stations for medical functional analyses; telemetry devices for medical applications; respirator equipment; catheters; linear accelerators for tumour radiotherapy; tumour localisation devices; dosage planning and documentation devices for tumour radiotherapy; dental equipment and workplace lighting fixtures; dental drills for preparation work; dental turbines; ultrasonic scaling equipment; periodontal diagnostic equipment; diagnostic treatment and teaching devices for the hearing-impaired; hearing aids, hearing aid spectacles; audiometers and audiometry cubicles; speech hearing training equipment and special equipment for hearing-impaired children; vibrotactile communication equipment; furniture for medical purposes, positioning tables, examination and operating tables, chairs for patients, work chairs for doctors, cupboards for medical purposes; patient positioning mattresses; wax traps for hearing aids; massage apparatus ; heat treatment apparatus; electric inhalant atomizers; all for medical, surgical, dental and/or veterinary purposes; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.... More
Class 11 : Power apparatus for boiling water type nuclear reactor; installations and apparatus for nuclear stations, installations for fast breeder reactor, primary containment vessels, reactor core strutures, control rods, control rod drive mechanisms; electric hair dryers; electric food processors, heaters, gas lighters; furnaces, high-frequency induction heating equipment; electric bulb holders; ballast for fluorescent lamps; lamps and luminaries and their components; specular reflectors for lighting fixtures; light distribution appliances; infrared lamps; incandescent lamps; halogen lamps; neon glow lamps; sealed beam lamps; bean lamps; fluorescent lamps; projector lamps; xenon lamps; iodine lamps; sodium lamps; chokeless mercury lamps; mercury vapor lamps; metal halide lamps; miniature lamps; lighting fixtures; glow-switch starters; desk lamps; heaters, ribbed tubular heaters, heating conductors, heating mats, electric underfloor storage heating apparatus; heat pumps; nuclear reactors; steam generators, high-temperature combustion chamber furnaces, electric torches; machine lights; pocket lights; car lights; filaments; refrigerators; freezers; freezer showcases; electric water coolers; driers, refrigerators and ventilators and their components and valves; sintering, smelting, brazing and combustion furnaces; steam condensers; refuse incinerators; waste processing apparatus, pyrolysis drums, room air conditioners; electric fans; electric blowers; electric room air purifiers; electric ventilating fans; chilling units; electric humidifiers; electric dehumidifiers; refrigerated showcases; electric air circulators; fan coil units; kerosene heaters; gas heaters; electric space heaters; electric blankets; water heaters; boilers, storage water heaters, continuous-flow heaters; electric ovens; gas ovens; microwave ovens; baking ovens; friers, grills, toasters, defrosters; electric grease filter sets and extractor hoods; pressure cookers, immersion heaters, electric drink making apparatus; air humidifiers; upright and chest-type refrigerators and freezers; electric ice-makers; electric grilling apparatus; automatic rice cookers; electric hot plates for cooking; automatic steam cookers; electric bread toasters; electric pots; electric pans; gas tables and stoves; electric coffee percolators; electric egg cookers; induction heating ranges for cooking; electric roasters; electric food cookers, popcorn cookers, hamburger cookers, waffle cookers; evaporating apparatus, solar water heating systems; solar air conditioning systems; air conditioners for vehicles, emergency lighting fixtures, fire escape lighting fixtures; airfield lighting systems; flue gas cleaning equipment and separators for carbonized waste; filters for flue gas cleaning and for the gas-water cycles of power plants; water treatment and desalination installations; landfill gas removal apparatus, gas utilization and cleanup apparatus; leachate treatment installations; apparatus for the production of cooling, domestic and ultra-high purity water; waste heat recovery apparatus; driers, electric tumble driers; hair driers, heat lamps, hot-air apparatus, ventilators, fans; heaters and air-conditioning installations and devices; ionizer devices; appliances for steam, air and water piping installations and sanitary installations; mixer batteries, safety valves, being parts for heating and cooling apparatus; equipment for decontaminating power plant components that have become contaminated with radio activity; electrical and electrotechnical devices and installations for water purification and treatment; electric hair dryers; gas lighters; electric foot warmers; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.... More
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