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The European Union Trademark for imv TECHNOLOGIES (Figurative) was filed on 16.03.1999 for goods and services in class(es) 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 35, 39, 41 and 42 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The current status of the trademark No. 001117902 imv TECHNOLOGIES is 'registered'.

Trademark information
RegisterEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
Filing date16.03.1999
Registration date17.08.2000
Expiry date16.03.2019
Nice classes1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 35, 39, 41 and 42
OwnerIMV TECHNOLOGIES (société anonyme)
 61300 Saint-Ouen-Sur-Iton, FR
 75008 Paris, FR
Goods and Services (the trademark is registered for the following goods and services)
Class 1 : Chemicals for scientific purposes and/or laboratory use; chemicals used for preserving biological substances; polyoxymethylene tablets; sodium chloride.
Class 2 : Printing inks; thinners for printing ink; colorants in powder form, notably for sealing straws for packaging biological substances.
Class 3 : Cleaning preparations, notably for laboratory use; cleaning preparations for printing machines and printers.
Class 5 : Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations; antibiotics; disinfectants; sterilising preparations; tissues and wipes impregnated with disinfecting preparations; diluents (diluting preparations) and sterile diluting media for semen; eosin; nigrosine; saline solutions for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; lubricants for medical and/or veterinary purposes, notably for devices for collecting semen or embryos and/or for artificial insemination catheters; lubricants for gynaecological purposes; biological media, notably for the preservation of fresh or frozen semen and/or for embryo collection and transfer; filtration media for medical and/or veterinary purposes; liquid media for the collection, preservation, freezing or thawing of embryos or microorganisms from the animal kingdom; aqueous media for the live storage of microorganisms from the animal kingdom outside their natural environment; media used for washing, filtering and/or freezing spermatozoa, and for collecting ovocytes; buffer saline media (preparations for veterinary purposes); adhesive tapes for medical and/or veterinary purposes; materials for dressings.... More
Class 6 : Containers of metal for laboratory use; containers of metal for straws; troughs of metal for straws; tanks of metal, notably for automatic preparation of diluting solutions for semen; racks of metal for storing artificial insemination straws; boxes of stainless steel, notably for laboratory use; identification plates of metal, for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use.
Class 7 : Stirring and/or mixing machines and apparatus, notably for semen, for diluting preparations for semen or for diluted semen, including heated stirrers, swinging stirrers, magnetic stirrers; baskets for stirrers; parts and accessories for magnetic stirrers, namely magnetized bars and rods with magnetized ends for removing the aforesaid bars; pumps for the aforesaid stirrers and/or mixers; machines and devices for packaging semen, notably in tubes, straws or pouches; machines and devices for filling tubes, straws or pouches for packaging semen; machines and workstations for filling and sealing straws or pouches for packaging semen; parts and fittings of machines, devices and installations for packaging semen, including : shells for filling, tubs, buckets, mixing boxes, hoppers for straws, motors and engines, generators, voltage regulators, pumps, belts for conveyors, light barriers, transmitters, trolleys for straws, trolley stands, traction cables for the aforesaid trolleys, pressure tapes for straws, straw moulding plates, alignment strips, pipes, tubes, suction cones and stands for these, suction combs, filling nozzles, pads, sponges, filters, connectors, anvils for cooling jigs, stands and cross-pieces for the aforesaid anvils, sonotrodes, catches, springs, sets of keys, screws, dispensers for straws; filling benches (machines) for straws; electric machines for welding straws; machines for packaging straws in beakers and/or for counting straws ; parts and fittings of the aforesaid machines, including : barrels for beakers, pump engines and motors, drying chambers, drawers; labellers, including computerised labellers, notably for identification of biological substances; printing machines for laboratory use; machines for printing on artificial insemination straws; spare parts for the aforesaid printing machines, including : motors and engines, plates for date-marking, ink ducts, ink slabs, printing rollers and bearings for printing rollers, inking rollers, patterns, drive belts, drive plates, washers for ink ducts, hoppers, hoppers for straws, plates for hoppers, ink recovery troughs, dispensers for straws, straw-guiding tools, joints, filters, sponges, pilot units, keyboards; centrifuges (machines) for semen; cleaning machines and apparatus, notably ultrasonic cleaning machines and apparatus, in particular for printing machines.... More
Class 8 : Hand implements (hand operated), for laboratory use, including : suction instruments for biological substances, tweezers, tweezers for picking up and/or handling straws, instruments for positioning straws, instruments for guiding plugs into straws or into identification rings for straws; tweezers; scissors; tweezers for assembling equipment for semen and/or embryo collection; set of hand tools and implements (hand operated), for the maintenance and/or repair of machines for printing on straws.... More
Class 9 : Scientific apparatus and instruments; microscopes, notably with heating stages; microscope eyepieces and lenses ; cells for microscopes; energy measuring devices for the aforesaid heating stages; heating stages for microscopes; slide holder carriages (parts of microscopes); microscope slides, including specimen holders and cover slips; binocular magnifiers; video cameras, video monitors and videorecorders, for medical and/or veterinary and/or scientific purposes and/or laboratory use, notably for examining biological samples, such as semen samples; video adapters for microscopes; lenses for the aforesaid cameras and adapters; tube stands (laboratory equipment), notably of foam; laboratory glassware; measuring glassware; bottles (graduated glassware); agitators (graduated glassware); graduated vials; laboratory tubes; tubes for collecting samples; test tubes; stoppers for test tubes; pipettes; adjustable pipettes; micropipettes; end-pieces for pipettes; plates of glass for laboratory use; thermometers (laboratory instruments); pH-meters; osmometers; micrometers; meters for artificial insemination apparatus; volumeters for diluting preparations for semen or for diluted semen; dosimeters; dosage dispensers; photometers, notably for medical and/or veterinary and/or scientific purposes and/or laboratory use; spare parts for the aforesaid dosimeters and photometers, including : cells for photometers, interferential filters, valves, pedals, dose-measuring pencils, syringes, quartz iodine lamps; laboratory tubs and bowls; tailor-made cases and containers for laboratory use, notably for biological substances; distillers (laboratory equipment); apparatus and devices for counting spermatozoa, notably by optical processes; scales (laboratory equipment); temperature control apparatus, notably for freezing apparatus; temperature control probes and stands for these; electric machines, apparatus and devices used for sealing packages and/or packaging containers of plastic, notably tubes, straws, pouches or single-dose sachets for the collection, dilution and/or packaging of biological substances such as semen; parts and fittings and control components for the aforesaid sealing apparatus, including : rails, additional carriages, resistances, foot switches; alarm systems provided in case of attack by animals; data processing apparatus and computer peripheral devices, all for medical and/or veterinary and/or scientific purposes and/or laboratory use, including : micro-computers, screens, keyboards, interfaces, printers, mice, digital plotters (tracers); adapters, cables, leads and connections, all for the aforesaid data processing apparatus and peripheral devices; computer programs and software, all for medical and/or veterinary and/or scientific purposes and/or laboratory use; computer programs and software for controlling the operation of machines and installations for the packaging of semen in straws and for printing on the aforesaid straws; computer programs and software for controlling the procedures of collection, packaging, identification, preliminary storage and/or storage of biological substances, notably semen; computer programs and software for controlling the operation of machines for packaging and/or freezing biological substances, notably semen; machines for counting artificial insemination straws; storage templates for artificial insemination straws; programmers-regulators for freezing apparatus for biological substances; batteries, electric, battery chargers, electric power supplies, transformers, fuses, diodes, all for apparatus, instruments and machines for medical, veterinary and/or scientific purposes and/or laboratory use; meters and switches for printing machines; leads and connections between printing machines and micro-computers or interfaces for computers; computer programs for controlling printing machines.... More
Class 10 : Surgical, medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments; apparatus, instruments and equipment for collecting and/or storing and/or packaging semen or embryos, and/or for artificial insemination, including : artificial vaginas, condoms for artificial vaginas, protective sleeves for artificial vaginas, conical end-pieces for artificial vaginas, taps for artificial vaginas, protective cases for artificial vaginas, electro-ejaculators, condoms and linings, containers, lids, flasks and jars for collecting semen, caps for collecting jars, collecting filters, filtration gauze, bags, collecting gloves, over-gloves, collecting apparatus and instruments, filter collectors, filter units and filters for collectors, plugs for filter units, bulbs for collectors, suction tubes for collectors, end-pieces for suction tubes, collecting tubes with or without plug, spare plugs for collecting tubes, protective cases for collecting tubes, tubes for artificial insemination, injection sites (needle-insertion devices), gaskets, O-rings, suction pumps for semen, suction instruments for semen, semen storage jars, tubes and flasks for packaging semen, stands for the aforesaid tubes and flasks, stoppers for the aforesaid flasks, syringes, syringes for artificial insemination straws, plungers for syringes, washers for syringes, cases for syringes, guns (syringes), insemination guns fitted with audible warning devices, pump guns, protective housings and hygienic coverings for the aforesaid guns and syringes, suction tubes for pumps, casings, split casings, sleeved casings, fittings between casings and syringes, rubber syringes and staples for insemination guns, insemination catheters, straws, casing for straws, stoppers for straws, apparatus for dispensing artificial insemination straws and/or measuring and/or filling straws, filling machines for straws, tubes and beakers for packaging straws, storage stands for straws, artificial insemination apparatus and housings and slide rails for these, semen distribution apparatus, pouches for packaging semen for artificial insemination, notably porcine, stands for the aforesaid pouches, connectors between pouches for packaging semen and artificial insemination catheters; straws for veterinary purposes; apparatus, instruments and equipment for embryo collection and/or transfer, including : collecting catheters, sampling catheters, bodies of collecting or sampling catheters, expanders for the aforesaid catheters, transfer guns, sterilized sheaths, aspirators, collecting or sampling pipes and tubes, staples and packing-boxes for the aforesaid pipes and tubes, leaktight plugs for the aforesaid pipes and tubes, O-rings end-pieces for the aforesaid plugs, ballonnets for the aforesaid collecting apparatus, instruments for dilating the cervix, needles, holders for needles; filters for embryo collection; decantation flasks for embryos and flow adjustment devices for these; embryo transfer guns; embryo transfer sheaths; telescopic inovulators for embryo transfer; pistons, pushers, aspirators for embryos, sheaths and cases, all for the aforesaid inovulators; containers for veterinary purposes, including jugs and pails; pipes and tubes of plastic and filling nozzles, for veterinary purposes, notably for semen packaging procedures; fittings and plunger end-pieces for the aforesaid pipes and tubes; flasks for medical and/or veterinary purposes and plugs for these; priming flasks for semen packaging procedures; tweezers and staples for medical and/or veterinary purposes; benches, boards, slides, dummies of animals, shells (parts of dummies of animals), all for collecting semen; foot-rests and foot-clamps for the aforesaid semen collecting equipment; coatings for the aforesaid dummies; micro-aspirators for semen; catheters; cannulae; needles for medical and/or veterinary purposes; removable stands and holders for the aforesaid needles; casings for the aforesaid needles; isothermal travelling bags for equipment for collecting semen and for the semen collected; parts and fittings of artificial insemination apparatus, notably of semen distribution apparatus, including : chambers, pistons, plates, springs, protective cases; parts and fittings of apparatus and devices for packaging semen; thermometers for medical or veterinary purposes; instruments for mixing semen; stirring instruments for diluting preparations for semen or for diluted semen; catheters for artificial insemination and/or for vaginal or uterine treatments; catheters for vaginal and uterine lavage; connectors for the aforesaid catheters; disposable sanitary bags for the aforesaid catheters; test apparatus for medical and/or veterinary purposes, notably for semen analysis; echographs; feeding bottles; feeding bottle tops; feeding bottle valves; feeding bottle teats; feeding bottle holders; cleaning brushes for medical and/or veterinary purposes; sealing joints for medical and/or veterinary purposes; speculums; lighting devices for speculums; lamps, stem lamps, torches and light sources, all for medical and/or veterinary purposes; bulbs for the aforesaid lamps and torches; cases for the aforesaid stem lamps; gloves and mitts for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; syringes for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; valves for the aforesaid syringes; syringes and special guns for cauterising animal uteruses; cauterising heads which can be screwed onto the aforesaid syringes and guns; ;sterile sheets; operating tables; devices for detecting the state of oestrus in animals, notably in cows; stands, cases, bags and boxes for the aforesaid devices; orthopedic articles; prostheses; suture materials.... More
Class 11 : Heating and/or sterilising apparatus (laboratory equipment); sterilizers; autoclave apparatus, electric; incubators ; incubator/sterilisers; disinfecting and/or sterilizing stoves; apparatus for the preservation by refrigeration of biological substances, notably of semen, including refrigerating chambers; refrigerating, cryogenic, freezing and/or thawing appliances and installations, for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use, or for biological substances, notably apparatus for freezing semen, gametes, embryos; parts and fittings of the aforesaid freezing apparatus and installations, including : racks, baskets, gratings, stands, containers and lids, all for freezing straws, seals for lids, solenoid valves, probes, recording thermocouples, programmer/regulators, recorders; refrigerating cabinets and display cases for cooling and conditioning biological substances, notably semen; refrigerating centrifuges for semen; temperature-regulated and ventilated cabinets for storing biological substances and samples, notably for semen; cryogenic containers and tanks, notably for straws; isothermal cases and containers for transporting and/or storing semen and/or insemination equipment; beaker stands (pieces of equipment for thawing apparatus); apparatus for preheating and/or reheating semen and/or for keeping semen at a constant temperature; apparatus for heating semen preparation equipment; double boiler apparatus (heating apparatus or containers), for laboratory use; ventilation hoods for laboratories; heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; lighting devices for semen collecting machines; light bulbs; light bulbs, electric; laboratory lamps; lamps for laboratory machines and installations; ventilation hoods, notably for laboratories.... More
Class 16 : Disposable bags, sachets, folders, casings and covers of plastic, for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; disposable bags and covers of plastic, notably for the tanks of machines for preparing semen diluting preparations; labels of paper and/or cardboard and/or plastic for identifying animals and animal semen, for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; negatives, whether or not on a carrier, for identifying animals and animal semen, for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; printing blocks; adhesive cloths for stationery purposes; indelible pencils; special pens for writing on synthetic materials; rolls of paper for medical and/or veterinary and/or laboratory apparatus.... More
Class 17 : Adhesive bands and tapes for laboratory use; flexible pipes, not of metal, notably for laboratory use.
Class 20 : Trolleys (furniture for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use); furniture for data processing apparatus; identification plates, non-metallic, for biological substances; dummies of animals, notably for semen collecting procedures; shells (parts of animal dummies); spare skins, fitted, for the aforesaid dummies; nameplates, non-metallic; identification rings; sleeves of synthetic materials for the ends of identification plates; plugs, non-metallic; boxes of synthetic materials for laboratory use; packaging containers of synthetic materials, notably for biological substances.... More
Class 21 : Bottle-brushes for cleaning laboratory equipment; insulating flasks, notably for collecting and/or transporting and/or storing semen; pails for semen packaging procedures; refrigerating boxes, notably for biological substances; brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; dispensers for cleaning preparations; sponges for laboratory use; funnels.
Class 24 : Adhesive cloths (other than for stationery purposes).
Class 25 : Overalls for medical and/or veterinary purposes and/or laboratory use; disposable over-gloves; disposable over-boots.
Class 27 : Non-slip mats.
Class 35 : Management, notably computerised, of the collection, packaging, storage and/or preservation of biological substances and samples.
Class 39 : Freezing, packaging, storage and transport of biological substances and samples, notably semen.
Class 41 : Providing of teaching and training, theoretical and practical, notably in veterinary medicine, reproduction biotechnologies, human and animal biology, surgery and microsurgery; providing of training in the techniques of semen or embryo collection, semen treatment, artificial insemination, laboratory testing and diagnosis, cryobiology, embryo transfer, microsurgery on embryos, echography; arranging and conducting of training courses in the aforesaid areas; arranging and conducting of practical laboratory training in the aforesaid fields.... More
Class 42 : Medical or veterinary laboratory testing, including performing tests and diagnosis of semen quality; information, advice, consultancy, research, project studies, report writing, all relating to veterinary medicine, reproduction biotechnologies, human and animal biology, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation, laboratory analyses and diagnosis, collection and preservation of biological substances, cryobiology, preservation of embryos and biological tissues, embryo transfer, choice of reproducers (selection), management of multiplier stock, epidemiology; visits for technical assistance to customers' farms and laboratories, in the aforesaid fields; temporary accommodation and restaurants (providing meals) for trainees during training in the aforesaid fields; design services relating to equipment for artificial insemination and/or embryo transfer; veterinary assistance; veterinary medicine; collection and preservation of biological substances and samples.... More
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