European Union Trademark No. 000701698 (Figurative) Trademark register: EUIPO Status: registered

United Technologies Logo

Logo design: Other wheels, with or without spokes ; Gearing, several wheels in juxtaposition, transmission wheels

The European Union Trademark for United Technologies (Figurative) was filed on 05.12.1997 for goods and services in class(es) 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 17, 37, 38, 40, 41 and 42 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The current status of the trademark No. 000701698 United Technologies is 'registered'.

Trademark information
NameUnited Technologies
RegisterEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
Filing date05.12.1997
Registration date27.04.1999
Expiry date05.12.2017
Nice classes1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 17, 37, 38, 40, 41 and 42
OwnerUnited Technologies Corporation
 06032 Farmington,, Connecticut, US
 EC4Y 8JD London, GB
Goods and Services (the trademark is registered for the following goods and services)
Class 1 : Chemical preparations; reactive liquid elastomers for use in the manufacture of synthetic rubber; catalysts for solid spacecraft and missile rocket propellants; stabilizers for industrial use; stabilizers for polymeric compositions.
Class 3 : All-purpose, machine cleaners and cleaners for elevators, dumb waiters, moving walkaways, escalators and passenger conveyors.
Class 4 : Dumb waiters and guide rail (machinery) lubricants; lubricators and lubricating oils and greases for elevators, moving walkways, dumb waiters, escalators and passenger conveyors.
Class 6 : Unwrough and partly wrought common metals and alloys thereof; rolled and cast metallic building materials, metal pipes and metal tubes, none being boiler tubes or parts of machines; non electric locks of metal; bolts, screws and valves, all included in Class 6; metal chains (other than driving chains for vehicles or for machines); nails; wire (other than insulated electric or fuse wire), non electric cables; parts and fittings included in Class 6 for all the aforesaid goods; solder; valves for aircraft and space installations, and replacement parts thereof; metal contact holders, metal drive chains, metal door locks, metal clamps, metal comb plates, metal gibs, metal position readers, and metal face plates; all being replacement parts for elevators, escalators, inclined and horizontal moving, electronically-operated walkways, and horizontal air cushioned shuttled vehicles.... More
Class 7 : Propellants for spacecraft and missile rocket motors; spacecraft and missile rocket motors; thrust vector controls for spacecraft and missile rocket motors; robotically controlled, power operated high pressure sprayers; high pressure spray nozzles for the removal of coating materials from substrates, industrial gas turbines; power generating units composed in part of gas turbine engines, electrical power generation equipment, heat recovery steam generators, and power turbines, for use in land and sea installations; pneumatic starters for aircraft engines; electromechanical, electro-hydraulic, hydraulic and mechanical actuators for aircraft engines, such as jet engine air inlet hydraulic actuators and jet engine stator vane hydraulic actuators; hydromechanical actuators for aircraft flight control systems; auxiliary power units in the form of gas turbine engines; electrical, electronic and hydromechanical fuel controls for aircraft engines; hydromechanical and electrical engine air inlet controls; rocket propulsion engines; centrifugal water separators; air inlet filtration systems for gas turbine engines; fluid heat-transfer heating and cooling systems for use in aircraft and spacecraft and using mechanical or electromechanical temperature controllers; air cycle machines used as temperature controls in aircraft; water removers for use in aircraft pneumatic systems; fuel pumps, fuel controls for stationary gas turbine engines; gas turbine engine accessories, such as control valves and sensors; fan blades and vanes for aircraft engines and for wind tunnels, wind turbines; inlet filters for use in marine gas turbine engines; automatic and manual test equipment for hydromechanical and electronic fuel controls for aircraft engines; automatic and manual gas turbine aircraft engine trim and diagnostic analyzers; aircraft engine propellers; hydraulic actuators for aircraft engines, such as jet engine nozzle exhaust hydraulic actuators and jet engine thrust reverser hydraulic actuators; electronic and hydromechanical pitch control units for aircraft engine propellers; propulsion fans; fuel cell electrical power generators; engines for powering aircraft, watercraft, ferries, cargo ships, icebreakers, warships/cutters and experimental high-speed craft, and stationary land installations, power generating units composed in part of internal combustion engines, electrical power generation equipment, heat recovery steam generators, steam turbines and power turbines; starters for motors for small gasoline engines and outboard engines; engine cooling modules for land vehicles, radiator cooling fan modules, fuel injector and/or carburetor cooling modules, motors for cooling fans, and condenser cooling fan modules; escalators; elevators; electric motors for machines; electronic controls; electric generators; electric and electronic visual and audible signal generators for use with elevators and dumbwaiters; machine parts, bearings, sleeves, brake linings, brake lining rivets, bushings, brushes, brush holders, electric motors, step wheels, rollers; roller bearings, comb plates, transmission gears, gibs, mechanical arms, cords, face plates, pawls, rods, cams, pulleys, pulley cables, door operating cords, dumbwaiter cords, springs, sprockets, gaskets; escalator skirts; and elevator cab suspension systems consisting of elevator platforms, cab support pendulum, connecting rods and gravity restoring cams; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.... More
Class 9 : Switching equipment electric switches and electronic motion and touch sensitive switches; used in connection with electric elevators, dumb waiters and escalators; visual and audio signal devices used in connection with electric elevators and dumb waiters, namely, signal bells and processors; fittings for conduits used for the electric wiring of elevators, dumb waiters and escalators; electrical motion controllers; electrical power supplies in the nature of emergency auxiliary power unit operable to bring an elevator safely to the lowest floor or landing following a power failure; electronic video and computer monitors for building heating, ventilating, air conditioning, elevators, and escalator operating systems; electronic position readers, electrical fuses, electric micro switches and switches, relays, resistors, rectifiers, electric carbon contacts, electric tubes, and elevator car and hall fixtures, information display screens in the nature of panels, visual information displays in the nature of light emitting diode displays, electronic speech synthesizers, electronic canted control panels, and single and double stroke electronic chimes and floor number indicators; emergency telephones for use in elevator cabs; electronic safety control to prevent the closing of elevator or related carrier doors until all passengers or cargo are clear thereof; electronic apparatus for monitoring building systems, namely, video and computer monitors; computerized elevator performance monitoring apparatus, namely, video and computer monitors; computer software; elevator dispatching control software; computerized elevator controls; computerized elevator performance monitoring and diagnostic apparatus; electromechanical products for land vehicles, electromagnetic actuators, solenoids, electromechanical actuators and switches, head lamp switches, interior lamp switches, visor lamp switches, dimmer switches, turn signal switches, power seat switches, multifunction column switches, mirror adjustment switches, door lock switches, horn switches, switch clusters, and control switches for land vehicles; electronic products for land vehicles, computerized, keyless door entry systems, interior illumination modules, remote function actuators, anti-theft systems, electronic timer devices, turn signal controls, emergency flasher controls, instrument panel illumination dimmer controls, window defogger heater controls, 4WD shift control modules, HVAC controls, passive restraint controls, control modules associated with motors and switches for land vehicles; electrical distribution products for land vehicles, wire harnesses, terminals and connectors for wire harnesses, junction boxes, power network boxes, fuse boxes, battery cables, terminals for battery cables, multiplexed wiring systems and associated electronic control modules; fuel cells to be used to generate electrical power for industrial and commercial applications; computer software and computer hardware for remote data gathering, diagnosing, evaluating and monitoring of fuel cell power plants; fuel cell power plants; fuel cell electrical power generating plants; fuel cell electrical power generating plants; fuel cell stacks operable to convert a fuel to electricity, fuel reformer if the fuel needs processing; power inverter if the electricity produced is to be converted from direct current to alternating current; electrical power generating plants; computer software, computer programs and computer software modeling programs for use in analyses utilizing system simulation, virtual reality software in the field of engine and industrial equipment functionality; integrated circuits, pipelined processors; integrated circuits for use with a serial multiplexed databus; fuel cell power plants; fuel cells; fuel cell power plant comprising a fuel cell stack operable to electrochemically convert the chemical fuel and the chemical oxidant to direct current electricity; fuel cells to be used to generate electrical power for industrial and commercial applications; electromechanical controls for use in aircraft; environmental controls for aircraft; electronic flight controls for use in aircraft and spacecraft; space suit/life support systems for astronauts; environmental controls for spacecraft; electronic static power inverters; electronic static power converters; engine pressure ratio transmitters; electronic synchrophasers for aircraft propellers; data acquisition systems for aircraft, and for engines used in aircraft, marine, and land vehicles, and stationary land installations, and for vehicle systems, namely electric and suspension systems; pressure transducers sold as part of pressure measuring systems and separately; electric speed sensors and indicators; electronic automatic stabilization equipment (commonly called ASE) for use in aircraft, spacecraft and watercraft; temperature controls; pneumatic and electronic cabin pressure control systems; ground support equipment (commonly called GSE) for aircraft, surface craft, and spacecraft, namely maintenance and test equipment; engine fuel control test stands; gas management equipment for air revitalization and fluid conversion for use in space travel and subsurface travel; electronic synchrophasers for aircraft engine propellers; oxygen supply systems for space, aircraft and submarine use; portable life support systems (commonly called PLSS) to control environment for space travel; space suits, diagnostic computer for life support equipment; rate sensors and gyroscopes sold as part of guidance and/or control systems used in aircraft, missiles and space vehicles, and separately; electric power generating plant control simulators; pneumatic, electrical and electronic testers for aircraft engine propeller hubs, air conditioners, engine fuel controls, engine fuel pumps and aircraft and engine actuators; electronic air inlet controls for aircraft; electronic aircraft integrated data acquisition systems for monitoring, diagnosing and prognosticating aircraft subsystems, overall aircraft performance and performance of the aircraft crew; computerized flight control units to control aircraft control surfaces to effect stability augmentation and flight path control in aircraft, namely helicopters, actuators for controlling control surfaces, namely, the tail flaps of a fixed wing aircraft or the blades of a helicopter; inertial navigation systems for aircraft, comprising gyroscopes, accelerometers, power supplies, and display electronics; guidance and control units which are computer controlled to guide and navigate a spacecraft so as to transport a payload to a selected spot in space, and to control the rate of engine fuel consumption to insure that the spacecraft has sufficient fuel to get to the selected spot in space; attitude control units using rate gyros for controlling the attitude heading of aircraft in flight and the heading of a satellite in orbit; guidance and control systems, namely, attitude controls for projectiles using rate sensors; synchrophasers for aircraft propellers; electrochemical cells, namely, gas generators, fuel cells, compressors and sensors; electronic flight controls for aircraft; accelerometers; electronic ground support equipment for use with aircraft; shipboard electronic equipment for connecting shipboard sensors, such as sonar or radar, to the ship's weapons so as to provide data signals or control signals thereto; aircraft-mounted electronic equipment operable to collect signals on the characteristics of a submarine under surveillance and transmit those signals back to a mother ship for analysis and fire control purposes; computer airborne flight performance monitor apparatus; aircraft-mounted electronic apparatus, namely, a combat computer interface to enable computers and crew to monitor ordinance activities, operation and condition throughout the aircraft; microcomputer control operable to tune the radio frequency antenna couplers which couple multiple ship radios to one or more antennae; radio telemetry apparatus operable to collect information on missile flight and performance for transmissions to ground authority; electronic apparatus for adopting aircraft radios for use aboard ship which form an electronic protective cocoon around the aircraft radio and interconnects aircraft radios to shipboard parameters such as, shipboard power, cooling systems, and environmental controls; portable electronic testers operable to ground test the various aircraft flight systems such as, aircraft avionic systems and avionic submarine warfare subsystems; electrolyzer and replacement parts therefor; electrochemical cells, namely, electrochemical gas generators, electrochemical gas compressors, electrochemical gas sensors, electrochemical power generating fuel devices, and electrochemical gas separators, namely oxygen generation subsystems having electrolyzers, gas compressors and gas separators, and replacement parts for each; electronic controls, namely, time, humidity, temperature, pressure, current, torque and speed controls; computerized engine and vehicle analyzers for testing and diagnosing engine and vehicle performance; electronic engine monitors; infrared carbon dioxide lasers; oxygen generation for onboard aircraft storage; electronic flight management system (commonly called FMS) equipment for aircraft and test equipment and replacement therefor; performance management system (commonly called PMS) equipment for aircraft and test equipment; flight inspection system ( commonly called FIS) equipment for aircraft and test equipment; and pilot's performance system (commonly called PPS) equipment for aircraft and test equipment; computer hardware and software used in the real time measurement of moving or stationary objects, including object parameters such as spatial orientation, dimensions, velocity, and objects distance; computer software used for the computerized analysis of opto-electronic generated data, namely, wavefront sensor data and particle velocity data; computer software and hardware, including real time integer co-processors, used for high speed control systems and for real time imaging, including real time camera tracking and real time facial expression tracking; camera hardware assuring minimal pattern artifacts in mini-output detector cameras, namely, micro-optical devices and monolithic lenslet modules; motion capture and imaging equipment for computer generated facial animation, namely, fiber optic image conduits and optical scanners; electro-optical and optical image processing equipment, and component parts thereof, namely, lenses, lens arrays, optical discs, filters, mirrors, optical character recognition apparatus (OCR), and optical lens sights; and electro-optical link between remote camera and base station; computer software for diagnosing, evaluating and monitoring in-flight helicopter engines; computer software for diagnosing, evaluating and monitoring aircraft engine gas path data; Electronic inspection apparatus for detecting flaws and cracks in aircraft blades of the helicopter and propeller type; electronic apparatus operable to diagnose engine performance and detect impending malfunctions; electronic flight and automatic flight controls; and electric switches for helicopter control panels; electronic control instruments and apparatus (including wireless controls) for controlling heating, ventilating, refrigerating, and air conditioning systems.... More
Class 11 : Apparatus for air conditioning; room air conditioners, central air conditioners, and multi-ton rooftop air conditioners; apparatus for refrigerating, compressors, condensers, chillers, and coolers, including reciprocating compressors, air cooled and water cooled condensers, reciprocating and absorption type chillers, and both shell and tube type coolers; apparatus for heating, namely, furnaces, heat pumps, induction air terminals; electric and steam radiators, solar heating panels, and hot water heaters; and apparatus for ventilating, namely air handlers, including central station air distribution systems, ceiling air distribution systems, energy recovery systems, humidifiers, and electronic air cleaners; all for both commercial and industrial use; electric lamps and elevator car direction lanterns in the nature of replacement parts for elevators, escalators, inclined and horizontal moving, electronically-operated walkaways; air conditioning systems for environmental control in aircraft; air purifiers for space travel; water removers and reclaimers for space travel; humidification for aircraft cockpits; and heat exchangers for use in aircraft, watercraft, and spacecraft; parts and fittings for all of the above goods.... More
Class 12 : Aircraft, namely, airplanes and structural parts thereof, namely, wings, bodies, tails, control surfaces, landing gear, interconnecting members, propellers and structural parts thereof; rotary wing airplanes and structural parts thereof; helicopters, structural parts thereof, namely, air frames, landing gears, main and tail rotors, hydraulic pumps and dynamic part thereof, namely, constituent parts and components of the main rotor assembly and tail rotor assembly that provide aerodynamic control of the helicopter during flight operations, the constituent mechanical and hydraulic parts and components of the rotor control systems that provides inputs in the nature of collective and/or cyclic pitch inputs to the main rotor assembly and the tail rotor assembly for control of the flight operations of the transmission system that transmit power from the helicopter engines to the main and tail rotor asssemblies to power flight operations of the helicopter; and military helicopters (excluding spare parts and support and maintenance equipment thereof); steering wheel parts for land vehicles, namely, steering wheels, horn pads, air bag covers, and other components for steering wheel systems, namely, horns for vehicles; electric motors for land vehicles, namely, windshield wiper motors, windshield wiper motors with blade drive mechanisms, washer pump motors, door latch motors, door latch motors with drive attachments, window lift motors, window lift motors with drive attachments, motors for anti lock/anti skid brake systems, power seat motors, sunroof motors, convertible top motors, emission control pump motors, lumbar support motors, trunk actuator motors, HVAC blower motors, idle speed control motors, transmission shift motors, power steering motors, 4WD transfer case actuator motors and actuator products incorporating such motors, electronic anti-theft systems in the nature of anti-theft locks for use on automotive steering wheels anti-theft alarms for land vehicles; and engine cooling modules for land vehicles; engine cooling modules for land vehicles, namely, radiator cooling fan modules, condenser cooling fan modules, injector- carburetor cooling modules, motors for cooling fans, and components for each of the above; and interior trim systems and components for land vehicles, namely, instrument panels, door trim panels, quarter trim panels, decorative trim panels, arm rest assemblies in the nature of arm rests and parts thereof, consoles, package trays protruding from dash board and glove compartment, headliners, visors, sunshades, headrests, assist straps, seat welts, heel pads, said panels, garnish trim, sound absorbers, and acoustical barrier assemblies, namely, panels and pads; electromechanical, electrohydraulic, hydraulic and mechanical actuators for controlling performance of helicopter rotors; motor vehicles for travelling over rails, tracks, or guide ways for carrying and transporting passengers, materials, and/or cargo; air cushion devices for supporting these vehicles, namely, a flexible, non-metallic skirt secured beneath said vehicle.... More
Class 17 : Packing material, insulators and seals all being replacement parts for elevators, escalators, inclined and horizontal moving, electronically-operated walkways; extruded and molded rubber and rubber-like material sealant used for the sealing of joints associated with metal or plastic overlap seams, thermal insulation for heating/cooking systems; gaskets for electrical systems, sound and vibration deadening, industrial and automotive sealants, and industrial and automotive adhesives.... More
Class 37 : Installation, maintenance and repair of fuel cell power plants; aircraft and aircraft engine repair and maintenance services; providing maintenance support for helicopter operations; installation, maintenance, and repairing of heating, ventilating, refrigerating, and air conditioning systems; repairing engine parts for others; servicing elevators, escalators, moving walkways and shuttles and components thereof, namely, the installation, maintenance, repair and modernization thereof and components therefor; maintenance of electronic equipment; maintaining and repairing elevators using sophisticated diagnostic equipment; and maintenance and repairing of elevators and escalators for others utilizing a telephone dispatching system.... More
Class 38 : Communication services, namely, emergency telephonic communication service for elevator passengers (Int. Cl. 38).
Class 40 : Applying protective coatings to metal, ceramic and composite or plastic parts for others; custom manufacture of electronic circuits, and computer software services, in the nature of converting electronic circuit specifications into integrated circuit designs.
Class 41 : Providing training in the field of piloting procedures and aircraft maintenance; entertainment service of sponsoring programs comprising both orchestra and ice skating performances.
Class 42 : Association services, namely promoting the professional advancement, education and interest of engineers and foresting relations, communications and exchange of ideas between engineers; engineering services for the design and application of electro-optical imaging equipment; providing engineering and technical support services, namely, technical supervision, inspection, research, and consulting in the field of helicopter operations; monitoring of heating, ventilating refrigerating and air conditioning systems; designing integrated circuits for the order and/or specification of others and custom design of electronic circuits; design and development of protective coating materials and procedures and charitable services, namely, selecting and providing volunteer workers to assist in the performance of a variety of community services; design and testing services for others in the field of determining optimum elevator configurations; testing and monitoring for others the performance and use of elevators; monitoring escalator and related carrier performance; and computerized diagnostic services utilizing electronic equipment for diagnosing elevators, escalators and related carrier performance problems.... More
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