PUREFER (2020) Application under examination

European Union trademark No. 018270197 PUREFER (Figurative) - Trademark register: EUIPO euipo
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The European Union trademark PUREFER was filed as Figurative on 09.07.2020 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The current status of the trademark is "Application under examination".

Trademark Information Last update: 09.08.2020

Trademark PUREFER (Figurative)
Filing number 018270197
Filing 09.07.2020

Goods and Services

11 Filters for drinking water; filters (parts of household or industrial installations); water filtering apparatus; replacement cartridges for water filtering apparatus; water purification installations; filter housings; replacement cartridge housings; regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus.


Tankpac Industries Co., Ltd.
No. 553, Zhongshan Road, Qingshui District Taichung City TW


Corso Emilia, 8 10152 Torino IT
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