SIPLYPAPER (2019) Registered

European Union trademark No. 018077555 SIPLYPAPER (Word) - Trademark register: EUIPO euipo
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The European Union trademark SIPLYPAPER was filed as Word on 05.06.2019 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and registered on 18.09.2019. The current status of the trademark is "Registered".

Trademark Information Last update: 22.09.2019

Trademark SIPLYPAPER (Word)
Filing number 018077555
Filing 05.06.2019
Registration 18.09.2019
Publication 11.06.2019
Expiry 05.06.2029

Goods and Services

21 Trinkhalme.


TrendTecs, LLC Limited Liability Company
77 Searing Ave, 11501 Mineola, US


Katarzyna Binder-Sony
ul. Poznańska 23/6 00-685 Warszawa PL
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