Natur-Resilienz-Trainer (2019) Trade mark registered, opposition period is running

German trademark No. 3020192387620 Natur-Resilienz-Trainer (Word) - Trademark register: GPTO dpma
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The German trademark Natur-Resilienz-Trainer was filed as Word on 30.11.2019 at the German Patent- and Trademark Office (GPTO) and registered on 30.01.2020. The current status of the trademark is "Trade mark registered, opposition period is running".

Trademark Information Last update: 30.01.2020

Trademark Natur-Resilienz-Trainer (Word)
Filing number 3020192387620
Registration number 302019238762
Filing 30.11.2019
Registration 30.01.2020
Publication 06.03.2020
Expiry 30.11.2029

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