Topaz Wealth AG (2019) Active trademark

Swiss trademark No. 09655/2019 Topaz Wealth AG (Word/Figurative mark) - Trademark register: IPI swiss
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Topaz Wealth AG Logo (IPI, 2019)
The Swiss trademark Topaz Wealth AG was filed as Word/Figurative mark on 17.07.2019 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) and registered on 29.07.2019. The current status of the trademark is "Active trademark".

Trademark Information Last update: 29.07.2019

Trademark Topaz Wealth AG (Word/Figurative mark)
Filing number 09655/2019
Registration number 734245
Filing 17.07.2019
Registration 29.07.2019
Publication 29.07.2019
Expiry 17.07.2029

Goods and Services

36 Services d'assurances; affaires financières; affaires monétaires; affaires immobilières.


Topaz Wealth AG
Bahnhofstrasse 43 8001 Zurich CH
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