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File trademark internationally

You want to protect your trademark in further countries? Then we can help you file an international registration.

Just choose the countries where you seek protection for your trademark and we will take care for the whole application process.

Note: An international registration needs a so called basis-registration (e.g. already registered national trademark) as basis to claim protection in further countries. If you do not have a trademark so far, we need to register a European community trademark or german trademark beforehand. The form to register a trademark in general you find here.

Trademark details Information about your basis-trademark you want to protect in other countries now.



Our specialized trademark lawyers manage the whole process of the international registration for you. Our services include:

Upfront legal review
Classification of goods and services
Filing of your international registration & managing office fee payment through us
Filing and representation basis fee
including 1 state/territory (e.g. European Union is 1 territory) including 3 classes
500 EUR net
Each additional state/territory including 3 classes +150 EUR net
Class fee upon filing application
for the 4th class and for each additional class
+100 EUR net
Comprehensive upfront trademark research for conflicting trademarks
per state or territory
+350 EUR net
Office fees
WIPO charges a basic fee and individual fees for filing an international registration; after your inquiry we will send you the actual total costs.
See here

Contact information For further correspondence


Applicant details Person, corporation, or partnership that shall be the trademark owner.

Note: it has to be the same applicant as the owner of the basis application this international registration is based on. Transfer of ownership is possible though.


Billing informationPlease provide us with your complete address. Documents and invoice will be sent automatically.

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