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    Trademark Application in Germany (GPTO / DPMA)
    250 €
    + 290 € office fee (up to 3 classes)
    EU Trademark Application valid in all 28 member states of the EU (EUIPO)
    450 €
    + 850 € office fee (1 class)
    Professional trademark Search - Recommended
    Trademark Search Report with Analysis and written Opinion of our specialized trademark Attorneys.

    Trademark search for European Union (EUIPO), international trademarks (WIPO) and German (GPTO).
    Trademark search for European Union (EUIPO), international trademarks (WIPO) and in 28 european member states.


    Reducing the risk of trademark conflicts by upfront trademark search through our trademark attorneys.
    € 299
  • Trade mark searches before filing your trademark are very important, since trademark conflicts are always quite costly. Our upfront trademark search minimizes the risks of infringing earlier trademarks and thus avoids such conflicts.
    Trademark Watch and Monitor Service
    Including free Attorney consultation, Attorney will discuss options and strategy with you; Register: GPTO, EUIPO and WIPO


    € 75/month
  • Safeguard your valuable trade mark from potential infringement with expert, international trademark watching for both word and design marks. Timely reports give you the information you need to act quickly against trade marks that might be confusingly similar to your trademark.
    Express Option
    First come, first served! We can handle your request even faster to secure an early filing date.
    200 €
    100 €
    Your trademark filing order at a glance:
    Please be assured that we get in touch with you before filing your trademark. We will discuss strategy and everything to best protect your trademark. We will file your trademark at the trademark office not before having your final GO.
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