Below you find FAQ we summarized in order to get you a quick overview and help you navigate in the field of trademarks and trademark formalities. The list is of course not final and being amended continuously. In case you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us via phone or eMail.

With a registered trademark you prevent others to freeride on your hard work. You prevent others from using your business name and logo not only to protect your business but as well to guarantee always best quality to your customers. Thus especially in times of the world wide web where copying is easy a registered trademark is one of the most important assets of ones business.

Thus we strongly recommend to register and maintain trademarks in order to obtain the best protection. On our website you find all you need to successfully register your trademark in Germany and Europe at fair prices.

"A trade mark may consist of any signs capable of being represented graphically, particularly words, including personal names, designs, letters, numerals, the shape of goods or of their packaging, provided that such signs are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings." Article 2, Directive 2008/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council

In other words: Your trademark sign enables your customers to find you. A well chosen trademark distinguishes you from your competitors an guarantees that all products and services associated ran through your quality management.

You may register a word mark, a figurative mark, a figurative mark with letters (logos) and even 3D marks, colour per se marks and sound marks. The most common trademarks are of course pure word marks and figurative marks.

From a trademark law perpective it is recommended in most cases to register a word mark and only in the second place the figurative elements. If you order your trademark registration with us we will give you a profound advice what kind of trademark is best in your case.

German or european community trade marks shall be put to genuine use in the Community within a period of five years following registration. Otherwise, if you do not make use of your trade mark for more than 5 years, third parties may go for revocation of your trade mark. Thus, the best defence against revocation action is the genuine and continuous use of your trade mark at all times. Use it or lose it!

From a strategic point of view it is recommended that trade mark owners document and demonstrate the use of the trademark. Since there is no clear line, whether usage of a community trade mark in only one member state is sufficient, trade mark owners are well advised to register national trade marks as well (ECJ ONEL case (C-149/11))

With our trademark filing services you go through a simple workflow with our specialized trademark lawyers of the german top trademark filing law firm BREUER LEHMANN RECHTSANWÄLTE (attorneys). All you have to do is to fill out our forms for trademark registration ad basically tell us, what name or logo you want to trademark for which goods and services. If you need any help in deciding what trademark filing package suits your needs just give us a call.

Start your trademark registration here: TRADEMARK REGISTRATION ONLINE Note: All information provided will be kept in absolute confidentiality.

There are alway to positions if you file a new trademark with us: Official fees of the trademark office and professional lawyers fees. Official fees to register a german trademark amount to 290 EUR. Official fees regarding a european community trade mark amount to 900 EUR. Each covering up to 3 classes.

Our lawyers fees start at 250 EUR flat. A detailed overview about our trademark filing packages you find >>here<<. We guarantee transparent prices without nasty surprises.

After you filled out our forms you will receive a short notice of receipt by eMail that your order has been placed. Then our trademark attorneys will examine your trademark and send you a comprehensive report how to file the trademark. If everything is fine and you want to file your trademark now we will proceed the trademark application to the respective trademark office. In case we found possibly conflicting trademarks we will try to figure out how you may file a trademark anyway.

At the trademark office the trademark examiner will examine your trademark again and prepare everything for registration. If everything is fine your trademark application will be published and open for others to possibly object or delete your registration. This might be the case when other persons have earlier rights with identical or similar trademarks. One strong reason for an upfront trademark research for conflicting trademarks to avoid such oppositions.

If no opposition is filed within 3 months your trademark will be registered at the European trademark office. In Germany your trademark will first be registered and afterwards open for oppositions.

In general we can file your trademark within 3-5 days after your assignment. The registration at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) will take approximately another 1-2 months until publication. Afterwards there will be a 3 months period for possible oppositions against the registration of your trademark. In Germany the registration will take place approximately 4-6 months after filing. All in all it will approximately last 4-6 months until you finally receive your registration certificate. If you want to speed up the registration process you may achieve a registration in Germany within 4-6 weeks by paying an extra official fees of 200 EUR. In Europe a fast track registration is possible as well. However the trademark will be protected from the day back we can file the trademark for you. So in general it is more important to get your trademark filed rather sooner than later.

Our goal is to make trademark registration and protection as easy and efficient as possible. Since we use modern technologies and develop own software we always try to find new ways to make trademarks affordable. Especially online regarding global markets a strong protection of trademarks became more important. So from comprehensive research, filing services to monitor and protect your trademarks we offer highly specialized legal advice through our partners at BREUER LEHMANN RECHTSANWÄLTE. We want to be the one-stop-shop when it comes to register trademarks in Germany and Europe and beyond. Committed not only to legal know-how we see the chances of developing "legal-tech" products for trademark owners. As easy as your finance portfolio you shall handle your trademark portfolio soon, always having a legal expert in the background in case you need legal advice and help. Old fashioned patent law firms who charge thousands of dollars for services you may automate through new technologies are past. We are the future.

If you do not have a place of business, a real and effective establishment or your domicile in the European Union, you must appoint a representative for all proceedings before the trademark offices. Our lawyers can be your trademark representative.

No. "International Trademark Registration" means, that you protect your trade mark in countries beyond the country and/or region you already protected your trademark. So you broaden the regional scope of protection by filing an international registration. Consequently you must already have a registered (or at least filed) national or regional trade mark as a basis for your international trade mark registration. A German or European trade mark may work well for a basis for an international registration.

The costs of an international trade mark registration depend on which countries you choose, how many classes you need and if your trade mark has a colour. We tried to make an overview of possible costs >>here<<. However if you want to file an international registration with us, tell us, what you want to protect where and we will tell you the exact costs beforehand.