YUBOLI (2018) Live

US-Marke Nr. 88069352 YUBOLI (trademark.trademark_type_Array) - Markenregister: USPTO uspto
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YUBOLI Logo (USPTO, 2018)
Die US-Marke YUBOLI wurde als trademark.trademark_type_Array am 08.08.2018 beim Amerikanischen Patent- und Markenamt (USPTO) angemeldet. Der aktuelle Status der Marke ist "Live".

Markeninformationen Aktualisiert: 13.08.2018

Marke YUBOLI (trademark.trademark_type_Array)
Aktenzeichen 88069352
Anmeldung 08.08.2018

Waren- und Dienstleistungen

Apparatus for transmission of communication; Bags for cameras and photographic equipment; Batteries, electric; Blank USB flash drives; Cabinets for loudspeakers; Camcorders; Car video recorders; Cases for smartphones; Chargers for electric batteries; Computer bags; Digital cameras; Downloadable mobile applications for car video recorders; Educational apparatus, namely, manipulative blocks used as teaching aids for the visualization of math concepts; Flashlights for use in photography; Monopods used to take photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm; Photographic filters; Power adapters; Power supplies; Protective cases for smartphones; Rechargeable batteries; Satellite navigational system, namely, a global positioning system (GPS); Smartphones; Tablet computer; Tripods for cameras
9 Electrical and Scientific Apparatus


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